Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage Purple...


on saturday morning
i went to the post office to look in our post office box..
we knew the electricity bill was on its way  :-(

the postie must have missed us at home one morning...
'cos there was a package from monkeemoomoo :-)

this is what was in it...

bright purple and pink vintage goodness...
this photo doesn't do it justice.

the fabric is thick and textured and the colours rich and deep!

charcoal grey backing...
this cushion will suit the coolest hippie chick around town!

is not only a talented cushion maker..
but has been making and collecting dolls
for flood affected queenslanders.
i encourage you to go and say hello
and if you want to join in
the doll making fun
i'm sure that'd be fine too!

thank you monkeemoomoo...
you're one cool chick!

let's copy monkeemoomoo
and be cool ....

naturally cool Carol xox


  1. Its something different... A different print for cushions... but it look cool Carol
    Happy Valentine’s Day … hope you spare a little bit of your valuable time for me …

  2. You must have so many lovely cushions by now...hard not to want to keep them I bet.

  3. wow its gorgeous! i love changing my cushions.

  4. It is so great to see that pile of cushions grow. They are all different, but made with so much love.

  5. Are cushions taking over your house yet, Carol?!! It's great to see so many different ones - something for everyone!

  6. That was really thoughtful of her...Great Fabrics.

  7. Hello friend,

    Sounds like you have one busy girl. How wonderful to go to the mailbox and get unexpected mail and what fun it is to see all the different pillows being made! Thanks for sharing them. I know they will be a blessing to others. Have a terrific day!


  8. So many lovely cushions! Have a wonderful week, Carol. Thanks for popping over to me, it's great to see you! Helen x

  9. Another beauty. I'm so glad your "Call for Cushions" has been a success.

  10. That was certainly better than the electric bill! How lovely!

  11. Lovely Lovely...
    Hey I asked Femia about cushions. She says she would prefer a beanbag to sit on to pray..
    Do you know how to make them??? If so then it will be two for Christmas, one each for her and Daniella. Love C xx

  12. Love it! I should be finishing mine this week :-)


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