Monday, February 21, 2011

Rockpools and a Lace Monitor!

morning all!
today and yesterday,
the heat is on...summer has arrived full force.

it was just the day, yesterday..
to take a little drive out of town
not far, just 15 mins..
to the rockpools!

the narrow roads were a bit scary
but i took it quite slowly
{and pulled over twice to let speedy drivers overtake me!}

we settled at a picnic table in the shade
and look what appeared in front of us!

i have heard them being called 'perenties' before...
but when i searched online
they looked more like a lace monitor.

this chap was about a metre long
from the end of his nose to the tiniest tippity tip of his tail!

i was about 4 metres away from him to take these photos...
i wouldn't want to be much closer
'cos they run up trees
and i've heard that goannas run up people if there isn't anything else around...
not that that was really likely
as there were plenty of trees!

and that's what he did...just looked around and
scuttled into the nearest grove of trees.

the rockpools were georgeous..
a river just cascading down steps of rocks
making miniature waterfalls leading into pools of icy cold water...
refreshing on a blistering hot day!

a perfect place for everyone...
and so close to home...i can't believe i haven't been here before!

still...the upside is..i have now! hehe!

what did you do last weekend?
i'd love to know...

see ya later...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Rockpools look lovely. Not sure about the goanna, OMG. Charmaine

  2. These pictures are fantastic and so interesting, Carol. Whatever that lizard is, he's fascinating!

  3. Dear Carol,

    wonderful Photos...thank you so much for sharing!
    Send you many Greetings and wish you a nice Week,


  4. Thank you for being my follower! Now I am yours too. Nice to have contact with the other side of the world. My family visited NZ December 2009 so we know your summerfeeling this time of the year. i can see we have common things we like and love!
    Best wishes from Norway

  5. How fun to discover such a beauty right on your looks like a beautiful place to hang.

  6. The rock pools sound lovely, not so sure about the lizard... I had a very quiet weekend with a visit to a good friend's on sunday. Next weekend I'm hoping for a couple of days at a nice hotel with hubby. Have a great week!

  7. i have heard that goannas run up people too...scary! great pics though, especially the last one - what a pretty spot

    gill xo

  8. Hello Carol! Vow what company for your pic nic! they look great! Lovely photos!
    Have a wonderful week! xxx Teje

  9. Don't you love it when you find an oasis just near home..looks lovely..xx

  10. Wow, aren't you lucky to have somewhere like that such a short drive away!

  11. Hi Carol.

    That is so true. I will ceep your words in mind :)

    Did you get my e-mail regarding transfere information? if not, could you please contatct me on

    Something happened in my close family last week, so I have not been blogging or been able to follow up my auction-win.

    All the best to you. Love, Malena

  12. So nice to have somewhere like that close by! We stayed home with colds :-(

  13. Hello Carol!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message on my was nice to 'see' you. Oh my...I've been pretty close to bears in British Columbia when I lived there but I can't imagine being that close to such a HUGE wild lizard! What a beautiful place to visit on a hot day...must be nice to feel that heat as it's only about -3C here right now. I hope you enjoy another wonderful warm day.
    Maura :)

  14. Our G relatives took us to visit this last year. Plus we saw a similar looking fellow there. He was scary.
    It was a beautiful spot.


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