Friday, February 4, 2011

And The Result Is...

True Random Number Generator
Powered by RANDOM.ORG



@ 'the serendipity cafe'

you have won...

'miss happy daisy' apron
{handmade by moi!}

kimmie..please email me at with your full name and address.

it was quite funny 'cos as i was printing out everybody's names
i thought to myself...number one never wins...
i always see numbers in the middle of the pack so to speak!

then i went into random. org and used their generator
and lo and behold
out pops number

so really it proved my thoughts wrong..ha!ha!
i'm sure 'miss happy daisy'
will be appreciated!

thank you all so much for your recent support
...i have loved reading all of your comments so much.
i'll have to do another giveaway when i reach 150 followers
...probably not too many months away!

have a great weekend..

naturally Carol xox

ps....the cushion mystery is solved...those 'lilac beauties' and kids cushions featured
'on the black couch' yesterday
were sent to me
{for families affected by the queensland floods!}
 generously by 'the spangler' from her blog...'the quick unpick'!
i'll put her link up on the blogroll...right hand side...
she's a wonderfully creative woman who makes amazing clothes for her girls
and her house...go and say 'hi' if you haven't met her...
and a big thankyou from me!
we now have 19 cushions!


  1. So fun for Kimmie! Congratulations...

  2. Wow me? Seriously? I have never won a blog giveaway :]

    Thank you sooooo much! Very much brightened my day this has :]



  3. Congratulations! Enjoy it! ;-)

  4. Awww that's great on both accounts Carol..
    No1 winning and finding out the person who sent the cushoins. people are great! xx

  5. Those cushions are gorgeous! Lovely to see who the maker was. Congrats to Kimmie on the apron win. They were both lovely Carol xx

  6. Well, I guess that's the truth about random...every number is up for grabs.
    Lucky Kimmie, that's all I can say :-)

  7. Congratulation Kimmie, lucky you!

  8. very nice apron. I need to get back on my apron kick. It makes me feel like a domestic goddess!! Or at least like I'm making an effort!


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!