Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Never Sits Still!

good morning!

it is just the most beautiful summery morning here...
white cottonwool clouds drifting across a blue blue sky,
warm fragrant breezes blow gently
and the warm sun kisses my arm next to the window.

i made this little summer cushion
last weekend before going out to the rockpools...

just a tiny cushion 'cos i only had a tiny insert..
but chock full of summer spots and dots,
bees, bugs and flowers!

just a few spotty charm squares
and remnants from some pillowcases i made a while ago
to make a sweet summer cushion!

mr t bought sharrie the flowers...
i couldn't resist using them as props.
they totally outshine anything i could make
'cos they're made by the master creator!

today i'm making another couple of little ones
out of nancy's fabrics
{check her blog 'a gardner's cottage'}

this one and deb's bring the total to

37 cushions

and more are on their way!

thank you to everyone who has participated...
and if you want to join in it's not too late!
just email me or leave me a comment so i can contact you.

mr m is off to brisbane to find work...
mr t and sharrie have come home from bendigo...
mr p is on holidays at the moment
so again our household is in a state of change
with a certain amount of chaos and excitement!

life never sits still does it?

i think the secret is to enjoy whatever is happening and stop stressing!

have a wonderful day where ever you are...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Have you found somewhere for all the delicious cushions to go yet?? If you haven't, email me. I might had some ideas for you as I've just been presented with two places to give my softies away at that might interest you!!

  2. You are the cushion queen - without a doubt :)

  3. I love the polka dots against the flowers. Another stunner! Hope you got my email... 4 more are on their way to you!

  4. Isn't it great that life is not predictable? Loving the cushion fest happening at your place too.

  5. Thanks Gwen..the more the merrier! Christy I have just emailed you too.

  6. how lovely! one of my daughters has an apron made in that floral. so sweet

  7. Hi Carol, thanks for visiting! I love your pillow, it is so bright and fresh!
    Glad to see someone else knows who the BeeGees are!!

  8. Hello Carol, No life never does sit still and I know you keep on going no matter how you feel. Your such a Briton, and always have a smile and kindness for all. N.Z. is still in turmoil and I suppose I am in denial because I don't like to watch the news reports..they are so sad.
    All my love. Crystal xx

  9. I agree with Caz, you are the cushion queen indeed! And I'm lucky I got one made by you. And boy do I need that statement about stop stressing. Have a great weekend Carol!

  10. I love your summery cushion, it's so pretty. You never know what will happen next when you have children, do you!? Have a great weekend. Helen x
    p.s. you are right, I was at college in the seventies and well noticed re the mushrooms and toadstools being in fashion then!!

  11. Hello Carol! I love this spring-summer cushion! It's so happy and lovely next to the flowers!
    Have great weekend and as you say without stress! Not so easy always...
    xxx Teje

  12. Love your words of wisdom...I agree enjoy what's happening and stop stressing! Now if I can only get my heart and head to align with each other Ha! Carol...I have to tell you that you have such a way with fabric. Your choices area always terrific! Enjoy your week end.


  13. Hope all goes well for mr m. Sounds like we are on the same page about stopping stressing and just enjoying living. x

  14. I love to pop by here. See all your cheerful flowery photos and your amazing cushion production. You are like a Chinese factory Carrol! I love this qute pillow over here. So joyfull :)

  15. This one is so pretty... it would look lovely tucked up on a cream deckchair, basking in the shade. x

  16. I have loved all the cushions! Mine are still coming :-) I haven't forgotten. Your the cushion queen!!


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