Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re-Vintaged Flower Power!

another happy day!

has kindly made and sent
5 cushion covers...
she is an avid collector of vintage fabrics and makes georgeous goodies from them

{her name is 're-vintaged rose'}
and ain't she sweet!

bringing our total to

34 cushions

thank you!!

+ 1

plus one..i hear you mutter!
well yes...
the 'miss daisy' cushion went to a lady who loves her
in brisbane.
a friend of mine
has a sister who lost everything in the brisbane floods.
i just had a feeling she would like 'miss daisy'
and a couple of other odds and ends...
well she loves her and the other bits and pieces
and my friend was beaming from ear to ear
when she related how her sister felt loved
by the thought of people giving her this little bit of handmade goodness!

multiply that by 45
and that is our goal...
to reach at least 45 people
with a token of love
in the form of a handmade cushion from you and i!

{four floral bundles of softness...i'm going to call them
 the 'blue dahlias' & the 'white dahlias'
'cos i'm sure i spot a few dahlias on them!}

we haven't got to call for many more cushions...

 11more needed

by the 20th March 2011!
{that is the week before our distribution happens}

i have a couple of destinations in mind...
just a few more phone calls to make to be sure, to be sure!

slowly the pieces of this operation are coming together...
we are being connected with people who know what is going on
and hearing bits of information which will help us decide.

i'll let you know more soon about where they are going.

three cheers for a wonderful bunch of bloggers
this wednesday...

naturally Carol xox is kate's birthday...16th february...from 'see kate sew'...please pop in if you can and wish her a wonderful birthday!


  1. Vintage Rose would fit right in at my place decor wise. So pretty!

  2. Don't they look great on the black sofa!!!
    Glad to be able to help. Hope I get around to doing the others I am planning on soon!
    Big kudos to you Carol for organising all this :)
    Surprisingly those fabrics are not actually vintage. But I fell in love with them anyway - I am such a sucker....

  3. Beautiful specially the first one
    … hope you spare a little bit of your valuable time for me …

  4. They look fab. I cannot imagine how devastating it would be to lose everything. Water can be such a friend or foe, can't it?? Seems amazing that it can do such damage and so unstoppable. You're doing a good thing here.

  5. I love seeing that big pile of pillows! And glad to hear how much the first recipient appreciated her pillow.

  6. I am in love with these cushions.
    I am very inspired to make some when I can find time ...I tweeted about you needing 11 more. Hope it helps.

  7. I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful. All the cushions are beautiful. Blessings and I pray you get all you need!


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