Friday, February 18, 2011

Breaking My Own Rule!

hi there!

remember how i said that the cushions should be no more than 50 cm square...

ha! ha!

i made these large cushions last weekend
quite unintentionally really...
they just kinda happened!

i think i just went with the width of the fabric...
they ended up 55cm square,
soft and squishy...

made from more of the fantastic fabric
t nancy from 'a gardner's cottage'
very kindly sent to me ...
for flood affected queenslanders!

the front of both cushions are the same...
i called one 'rainforest beach' and one 'rainforest island'
'cos the fabric is like the rainforest meeting the sea!

the backs are aqua
with slightly different features and buttons...

'rainforest beach'...
yellow buttons and an aqua selvedge with little buttons...


'rainforest island'...
black buttons and a geometrically influenced design on the selvedge

here is the close up ...

i machine stitched the aqua triangles and
then handstitched the little running stitches in a variegated green embroidery thread.

the 'if ' tags...

 curly 'if '


leafy 'if'...

do your weekend plans include a beach,
an island
or a rainforest?

i'm dreamin'...

naturally Carol xox

p.s...someone asked whether i have a coffee machine..i do have a hand me down espresso machine. it was left here when mr s went to taiwan to live.  it is basic but sturdy..i heat up the milk in the cup for a minute and a half in the microwave and then put in 30 mls espresso from the machine and stir.  great coffee with a good crema!


  1. That is fabulous fabric, Carol. It would have been a shame to cut it smaller! Some of my favourite colours.

  2. Love the colours in the one Carol - tiz beautiful!

  3. Love the print very much Carol

  4. Carol,I love big pillows.They're perfect for propping up against whilst reading and enjoying a cuppa..xx

  5. Hello Carol, beautiful fabric again! Great size for a pillow! No beach yet, too cold, only beautiful photos from beach!
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx Teje

  6. Those are fantastic colors! Beautiful work, as always!!!

  7. Love the colors and design of those cushions! Making some throw pillows for my living room is on my list of "things I want to do!" You inspire me with your lovely work!

  8. Love these colours! And your coffee sounds delicious!

  9. Ooh! That fabric is gorgeous. Love the big cushions. Would love them in my house, what a pair! Angela.

  10. More beautiful fabric. All of these pillows are eye candy for sure! I love the detailed stitching you added to the selvedge. Great idea, Carol!


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