Monday, February 14, 2011

Greetings from Greece!

good morning!
happy valentine's day
happy friends day
teje from 'nero's post and patch'
sent me some beautifully made cushions
from chania in greece...

i pinched this photo from her blog
so you can see what a beautiful place
 she comes from.

here is her lovely work...'on the black couch',

i've called this one 'summer patch'
because it reminds me of summer days..
long drinks, sand, sea and shady green trees.

this one i've called 'purple patch'...
subdued colours..moody with subtle stitched vines
and floral flashes of colour...georgeous!

and this one i've called 'golden harvest'
rows of wheaten gold with a little lilac blue leaf...
neatly top stitched...
 and buttoned up at the back.
this is my favourite!

these will be a great blessing to the flood affected families who receive them;
thank you teje!!

she also popped in a present for me...yay!
teje is very artistic and makes amazing woollen felt pictures
i am using this to wrap up a vase...

the felt is so light and warm...
and  the colours she has chosen will enhance any flowers i put in there...
in front is the glass koru my brother gave us for christmas,
isn't the shape beautiful?

love comes in many guises...
friendship and kindness among them.
lovers and friends...
i'm hoping you have both
and are feeling very loved today...

naturally Carol xox

xx  xx
xxx xxx


  1. Beautiful cushions!
    Love comes in many guises indeed.
    Hope you have a lovely day.


  2. They are really beautiful! And how exotic coming from Greece!

  3. A transatlantic cushion crossing! What fun!

    I made the muffins and they were FAB! Thanks Carol. x

  4. Dear Carol,

    i wish you a Happy Valentines Day and the Cushion from Teje is really beautiful. Enjoy your Day and send you many Greetings,


  5. Beautiful fabrics and graphics on the cushions. How fun to look at each day! What a lovely wish you send out to us all at the end of your post...thank you, Carol! X

  6. Dear Carol, that was quite too much...but thank you so much! And thank you for doing all the work for finding the inside cushion and delivering the cushions!
    I wish you Happy Valentine's day! xxx Teje

  7. Beautiful presents, you are so lucky! Happy Valentines Day.

  8. happy valentine's day! I hope you are having a beautiful evening with your loved ones :-)

  9. Oh Greece! Lovely cushions - what a talented lady! Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day too.

  10. I love the Golden Harvest cushion. How beautiful to receive from your friend. They are going to be much loved by someone who has suffered from the floods. What a lovely thing to do. x

  11. You have a wonderful friend there. Such a thoughtful thing to do. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day xx

  12. These are so beautiful, especially the "summer patch". How nice it must be to receive these packages and look at all the loveliness inside:)


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