Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Storms and A Red Cushion...'s getting late in the afternoon
a monster cyclone is bearing down on north queensland.
it is hot and sticky
and the tv has ongoing updates and alerts
and the people of cairns and all those other northerns towns
sit tight and wait.

my prayers ask the Lord to keep you safely
cocooned until danger passes.

life goes on down here...
buying half price fabric this morning...
i cut out a cushion ...and an apron for a swap.
{the first swap i've ever entered!}

all red and white today..with lots of spots!

i took these pics not thinking that i'd get around to making it up today..
a friend came around for coffee...
and lots of chit chat!

then phone calls with mr t in bendigo
another chin wag with big pond re my intermittent internet connection...
they're going to put a stabiliser on the line now...hope it works!

then finally...
i sat down for a little sew
a little hot and a little sticky...
but nothing to what the people who've experienced floods have felt this year.

that thought drove me on...
and 'red leaves' came together.

i know they're not red leaves...but they are leaves surrounded by red..
intense, vibrant, fire engine red!

not having enough fabric to finish it all in leaves...
i resorted to polka dots..big and small.

the other day i found a big bag of black buttons
for a very reasonable price...
so i'm going to use them a lot.

a red buttoned tag..

this could be a cushion for romantics...
valentine's day colours.

or for leaf lovers...i am one myself...
i love tree and leaf designs on anything!

to fellow leaf lovers...and queenslanders...
keep safe

naturally Carol xox

if you would love to join me in making cushions for queenslanders who are flood affected...
please email me or/and see the 'calling for cushions' link on the right hand side of here.


see monday's post and  leave a comment there
 stating which apron you would like to win...
friends/followers get two chances...
everybody else who!

drawn friday!

that's all folks.


  1. Beautiful cushion, Carol! I love anything red, white and dotty! Hope all goes well today. Helen x

  2. I want to book you to sew me cushions for next Christmas. Just love them! Wanna have lunch on Monday if all is well??? xx

  3. Hi Carol,
    BEAUTIFUL cushions!!!! I love the fabrics and the combinations!!! You are really creative!!!
    Nice photos too!!!
    Have a nice day!!

  4. Dear Carol,

    very beautiful Cushions and beautiful Colours...Great!!!

    Take care of you and i send you many, many Greetings,


  5. Here's hoping the cyclone doesn't do too much damage - I think Queensland has had more than its fair share recently. We're in the grips of a massive winter storm today - it's a blizzard out there right now, but I'm counting my blessings: the ice storm stayed south of the border and we still have power. Lots of snow to clear later, but for now I'm staying indoors and sewing.

    Love the red cushion!

  6. I love that picture with the stacks of all the cushions you've made. I love "red leaves", especially the two different size polka dots against the leaf fabric. Another gorgeous creation. Keeping all those in the cyclone's path in my thoughts.

  7. I wish I can do that, too. Love the cushions.

  8. Hi Carol,

    Lovely pillow! It's my favorite. As I sit in my warm comfy home, I am pondering the thought that only God could be in control of such different weather circumstances! I pray that all are safe in northern queensland! I have experience that weather too and believe you me I would much rather be in this blizzard! Have a great day! I'm off to sew.


  9. Lovely cushion! My prayers are with all affected by the cyclone.

  10. Hello Carol! Wonderful red/white fabrics! I don't know why I'm thinking now all so often those colours...perhaps because it's cold! Your pillows look so nice all together! I see something on the wall but I don't know it in English - a tiny lizzard - we have them here also and they bring good luck! It's 'samiamidi' in Greek.
    Best wishes! xxx Teje

  11. Love that fabric Carol..Seriously when is mother nature going to give Qld a break!..xx

  12. Red is a happy color for me! I always felt happy driving my red car! My hubby told me I go too fast and all the police see the fast RED car first!!

  13. I LOVE these red cushions, especially the polka dots. Gorgeous creations!

  14. Cute cushion. That will make someone very happy. You have had so much flooding over there. I see it on the news most every evening. I hope it stops soon.

  15. lovely pillow!!!I found you at Seamingly Smitten Party:-D


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