Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grateful for...Good Advice!

it's saturday afternoon again!
doesn't the week go quickly?
i feel like it does anyway...

i am at that point with my cushion collection
 for flood affected queenslanders,
that i will have to decide finally
on where it is best to send them...

i'm throwing it open!

i have a couple of places in mind
and have done a little research...
but i shall be really grateful
if anyone out there knows if there is somewhere,
 that hasn't been helped much at all.

maybe it is the area that you live in
and you know your neighbours are struggling
emotionally or physically with the aftermath of the flood.

i will not promise that i will send them where you suggest
but i will promise to take all suggestions seriously...
and contact people in the area to see how or when we should help..
if at all possible.

i know some areas have been in the news
and some tend to be completely overlooked.
if you know of an 'overlooked' area
{and it doesn't necessarily have to be the poorest..
'cos trauma happens to all economic groups}
please email me...

the pictures are of a couple of cushions
i made this morning
out of nancy's fabric...@ a gardner's cottage.
i have one or two more to make up
from her generously donated fabric!

~ 39 cushions collected! ~
{and more are on their way}

i'm linking up with "maxabella loves" today...
there are some great reasons to be grateful there!

naturally Carol xox


  1. No suggestions - just more praise for a job well done. Lovely work Carol- I'm sure they will bring comfort and love to people who need it :O)

  2. Beautiful. Unfortunately I have no idea sorry. I am sure you will find out though. Charmaine

  3. that fabric is gorgeous! love the back as much as the front :-)
    Corrie from retromummy is from queensland - perhaps she could give you some ideas??
    hope you have a great weekend

  4. You are such a treasure Carol.

    I know that Naomi from Seven Cherbus was doing lots of volunteering during the floods and would be a great person to contact.

    Felicity x

  5. It is so tuching to follow your comitment. I know well by now how much it means to have supportive people around in hard times.

    I did not notice the translucent cups before you commented on them, and I soo agree! It was something else in the display that cougt my eye. But now I cant stop looking at them! They are so beautiful. I think I will by a pair next time I am there :)

  6. Sorry I have no advice, but I just wanted to congratulate you on the great job with the cushion collection. And your flowers look beautiful, too.

  7. So fresh and cheerful cushion Carol... very lovely

  8. 39 is a great total, Carol! I know you'll find good homes for them all.

  9. beautiful pictures, that cushion is just lovely! I'm sure they will be very welcome in their new homes..

  10. Hi carol, not sure about anywhere in the eastern states being from perth... But you have done a fantastic job, I have to confess that i havent made many cushions as i was intending beacause of having to go away.. you are definently an angel!! i do hope you find somewhere to send them all..
    Laura xx

  11. So pretty, Carol. I can't believe you are at 39. What an achievement!

    No advice to give. I am not nearly so generous as you are so I have no contacts for you!! x

  12. Happy Sunday or should I say Happy Lord's day! You do such lovely work and I am sure that who ever receives one of those amazing pillows will be blessed! Take care


  13. Beautiful cushions in some lovely calming colours, just what people need right now. Good luck finding somewhere suitable to send them, I'm sure they will be very gratefully appreciated.

  14. Amazing work Carol. These are all beautiful and will put a smile on the face of who ever shall receive them. xoxoxo

  15. Hi Carol, thank you for reaching out and helping others.

  16. Hi Carol. Maybe you should get in contact with ( "is a web based community where people donate items and time to people in need. We are a 'targeted giving' service who connects those that need with those that can give." Although the charity is based in Brisbane, they reach far & wide. Angela.


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!