Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scenes of Devastation...

good morning!

after coming home from a lovely morning out
i was confronted by scenes on the television
of christchurch in new zealand...

on the 4th september last year
a massive 7.1 earthquake struck there
and caused extensive damage.

yesterday..the 22nd february 2011
another smaller earthquake occurred...6.3 i think,
but not as deep..only 5 km under the surface of the earth..
with far more lateral movement.

last time people were asleep and out of the main city area...
this time it was 1 pm...about lunch time in the offices of that city...
people were at work in city buildings
 or out getting lunch in restuarants and cafes
...or shopping
when the earthquake struck.

many people have died or are injured...some have many injuries.

a bus struck by building debris during the earthquake in christchurch, nz...

let me show you the beautiful cathedral and square before the earthquake!


the cathedral in the central business icon of the city...
in ruins...people are still trapped inside.

you may wonder why
i am particularly concerned...

i am a new zealander who lives in australia...
i feel for fellow new zealanders during this time of devastation and loss.

when nz hurts all nzers do too...
i know you understand.

please pray for this city of people
who are scared and have suffered such pain and loss
over the last 24 hours
and will suffer more in the days to come...
thank you.

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol,
    Very sad time for all New Zealanders and we
    in Australia feel for them. We are all
    thinking, praying and sending our love.

  2. Carol,

    That is some damage! Breaks my heart.When I spoke to my mom today she brought me up to speed on world news. Will be praying. Take care


  3. Oh Carol, I am so sad to hear that. I pray that the people can pull together and overcome this terrible crisis. I pray that our Lord bring peace and help quickly to them. I pray that those who have suffered loss will find peace and comfort and strength to get through this. I pray for provision and safety from disease and any more damage. In Jesus Name. I pray God's richest blessings to you today.

  4. Carol,I can't believe the mess over there.First us in Australia, with our devastating weather and now New Zealand .It's absolutely heart breaking..xx

  5. This is indeed heartbreaking. I saw the news and I wanted to write about it as well. But nothing I guess will capture the feeling of NZers themselves. Praying for New Zealand now.

  6. It is just terrible what is going wrong in our world. Charmaine

  7. I immediately thought of you when I heard the news, Carol. You are in my thoughts as well as the people of NZ. That picture of the cathedral breaks my heart.

  8. Carol what a shock it was for all of us yesterday, So far we are less than 2 months into the New Year and yet we have had so much to deal with, I say we because I feel that when NZ hurts Australia hurts, the spirit of the ANZACS is still very deeply embedded in all of us.
    Take Care Sharon xx

  9. so terrible - I've come home from camp tonight to find this terrible news. So unbelievable...lost for words

  10. Hi Carol, My prayers are there!!
    Are all your family safe??
    I pray so.
    It is shocking, one disaster after another.
    xxxx much love. xx

  11. Hello Carol, it's so terrible! I'm thinking all the people who have suffered and still have lots of sorrow and difficulties. It's difficult to say anything.
    xxx Teje

  12. The devastation in our world right now is just catastrophic. When will it end!? x

  13. So very sad about the loss of life and devastation in this historic city. My daughters and I are praying for healing and that God's everlasting peace will cover the people of New Zealand.

  14. Warm feelings and thoughts from Norway to the NZ-people! We visited Christchurch in December 2009 and have lot of feelings for this town, the people and this country.

    All the best to you

    from Marian in Rosendal, Norway

  15. The scenes have been so heartbreaking haven't they? What is going on with the world at the moment? My mum is a kiwi and all my extended family are there, I am so thankful that they live in Auckland and everyone we do know in Christchurch are safe. I hope all your loved ones are safe x


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