Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Grateful for ...Red!

evening all!

as you probably already know ...
i love colour.

i'm crazy about red.

isn't red great?
it's brilliant
not shy
out there in the best possible way

red cherries

my favourite red and white espresso set with my shiney red mug...
my current favourite...just for it's colour!

apple cinnamon muffins...
i just thought i'd do what my mr m...son does,
he piles the ingredients into a bowl
and out comes a lovely cake!

so here goes...this is what i did when i wanted
low gi muffins...

2 cups of wholemeal self raising flour...into a medium bowl,

melt 125 grams butter in the microwave in a small bowl.

cut up 2 medium granny smith apples into small cubes and add to the flour.

put one tablespoon of cinnamon into the flour and apple mixture,

and stir lightly.

add the melted butter to the mixture..mix a little.

add about half a cup of honey (more or less depending on your taste)

add 2 eggs and mix a little will still be a bit stiff.

add 1 cup of milk to the mixture and mix until fully blended.

put one and a half tablespoons into large muffin cases on a muffin tray
and bake at 180 degrees celsius 
for 18 minutes...check at about 15 minutes or when they smell lovely and ready!

cool slightly and eat with a lovely cup of tea or coffee
using your favourite plates and cups!

be careful because an extra dose of gratitude may sneak up on you unexpectedly!

i'm linking up today with 'maxabella loves'...
checking out what other people are grateful for today.

naturally Carol xox 

p.s...i had to buy more photo storage space today...has anyone else had to do this?


  1. Love the red cups !!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Yes I love red too :-) YUM thanks for the recipe :-)

  3. I love red too, I have red cups and lots of red things, my kitchen is done in Roosters and Hens with lots of red accessories, love yours, good to meet you, and I will be back, Barbara from

  4. I love red too> It is one of my favorite colors! I love the saucers and cups...I am especially thankful for red because it represents the blood that fell for me and saved me from the depths of hell. Red is definitely a color to appreciate. Blessings!

  5. Love red, even the smallest amount can make a room sing :-)

  6. Such a lovely post Carol. You have a lovely artistic flair. Do you have a Coffee Machine to use those mugs with. I dream of getting one. Muffins sound a bit yummy and low GI too :)

  7. I love red, dark red. Muffins look yummo. Charmaine

  8. Red is my favourite colour of all, can't get enough of it, although I rarely wear it funnily enough. Your muffins sound delicious by the way.

    Happy weekend x

  9. Hi Carol! I love your self with adorable set for espresso! Red has never been really My colour but now and then I do like it. Now for a while I have in my mind to make a quilt with red...perhaps even starting to test it tomorrow!
    Did you mean that you had to buy photo space for your blog!? Haven't heard before!...oh I have always so many photos in my posts...
    Have a Sunny Sunday! Teje

  10. Oh, how I love red!!!
    And thanks so much for the recipe...yum!!
    have a great weekend

  11. Yum yum yum... the red and the muffins. Perfect mix! I'm actually going to make them this very afternoon and in honour of you I'm going to use a red mixing bowl!! x

  12. Love me some red too! In fact my kitchen aid is red and is fondly known as "sexy red" in my home ;) Thank you for the recipe x

  13. Wicked recipe! We have a deep red glass splashback that is the feature of the kitchen. I love it to pieces.

  14. I like all shades of red, I like the different reds you see in flowers to. Julie.C

  15. I'm a huge red fan too - what's not to love!

  16. I love apple and cinnamon muffins. I have an easy and very trusty recipe that I always use and get perfect muffins! And I love red too so yay on all fronts :)

  17. I love red too, especially red roses =) .
    The cups are gorgeous.
    MM those muffins are too delish.


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