Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grateful for..Beach Weather!

today there is perfect beach weather...

sunny with a few clouds..
warm not windy..just a bit of a breeze...
this is the view from my computer window
looking towards noosa.

the sea will be warm...
children will be building sandcastles.

max and kara are going too...
to run
max has never been before!
i wonder what he'll think of those noisy waves...
and all that sand and water??

i made another cushion this morning..
while the household was snoozing had to be a beach cushion!

beach balls, sun, sand and surf...

stripey beach umbrellas and strawberry and chocolate sundaes
for fun!

why am i grateful?

everybody is going to the beach....

except for me..

i'm having time to myself

to breathe
and read
and drink coffee!

alone time to refresh my soul
that's what i need.

naturally Carol xox

p.s....only 10 cushions to go!

pps...linking up with 'maxabella' for gratitude saturday!


  1. I'm grateful for a great removals company and friends who take you out for lunch and a much-needed chat!! Love the beach cushion ... dreaming of such warm weather!

  2. You have a great view..Looking to the Hills, from whences cometh your help. I love the way we can see them all around here..
    These dots and stripes are my favoured..
    Bless you Carol.
    Oh I have started a new Blog and I am using it just for Health Issues. Also, I am going to make this one with advertisements...
    Ring me and I'll tell all.
    Love ya. C xx

  3. Wonderful post. I adore your cushionsx

  4. The beach was exactly where I've been all morning!! Only 10 to go? That's incredible!! x

  5. Dear Carol,

    great weather and wonderful pictures!
    Enjoy your Weekend and have fun...
    send you many, many Greetings,

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I love the cushion, the colours are gorgeous xx

  7. I love how you "theme" your cushions. So inspiring.

  8. Perfect beach themed cushion!! Love it.

  9. Awesome twist! Though I must say, being stuck in regional Victoria makes me a little jealous that you can happily turn down a beach day.
    Sunny coast hinterlands is definitely one of my face spots in aus.And you're so lucky to have that view.
    I was up there for Xmas and will be using some of me good shots for an upcoming Sunday Selections post. Keep an eye out for your house!

  10. The photo and the cushions' colors are just awesome. We love polka dots. Have a good week Carol!

  11. didn't get to the beach this weekend (doubt I will get there tomorrow because of monkey's birthday party) so fingers crossed our silly weather holds out until I can get there next weekend. I really need to...I'm a bit stressed at the moment and I think the sea air is just what I need :-)
    have a great weekend

  12. Adorable!

    I'm your newest follower :-)

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  13. It sounds so nice, alone-time with coffee and whatever you want to do. Love the beach cushion, the dots in cheery colours are just wonderful. And that blue sky with soft clouds, beautiful! Not jealous at all...

  14. It looks great--both the weather and the cushion. Very beachy, indeed. Hope you enjoyed your time.

  15. So cool we have beach temps here too in Southern GA high 70's today and tomorrow, have a very blessed day and be blessed, Barbara

  16. I do hope you got time for refreshing your soul, taking time with God and snuck in a coffee or two!!! Thanks for popping my my blog, TK xx

  17. Beautiful just beautiful, the cushion and the view from your window. Blessings!

  18. We didn't have beach weather but it was 40 and sunny! Love a good cuppa...and the new cushion is, as usual, lovely. Enjoy your quiet time my friend.


  19. What a wonderful view, I would just daydream all day if it where mine:)

  20. What a gorgeous view! And I LOVE your bright colourful spotty cushion! Helen x

  21. Certainly a beachy pillow. Love the color combination. Bright and cheery and sunny.

  22. What a lovely scene from the window you have... Like your beachy cushions ... and yes you are so right that sometime alone sitting and sipping coffee is such a great time that no match to that time beauty...
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for my new post, it’s something different I hope you will enjoy …


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