Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me...

in fact a whole lot of little birds told me...
to tell you
that anb from 'suburban sonnet'
has been very busy lately!

she has been making two cute cushions
covered with little birds
and with sweet spotty backs
for a couple of bird-loving queenslanders!

a pair of 'tweet' cushions...

'on the black couch'

black spotty backs on the cushions...loving them.

if you have some time
'suburban sonnet'
is a sweet visit!

now i just have to show off my birthday presents
from miss b...
from canada!
{my birthday was last week for those that didn't know..
the box just took a while to come in the post}

i've never been called 'mom' before...usually i'm just an aussie 'mum'

the presents...a pack of 'dream' gift cards..with little matching blue envelopes...

four of these georgeous green stripey pegs in a pack...

and three canadian magazines...yay!!
{she knows her 'mom' well!}

and...that's not all!

mr m didn't have any money last week
so today he went out and bought me
not one...but two packets of 'gloria jeans' coffee beans...

double 'yay'!!
i love it when they act so thoughtfully.

it's still kate's birthday..from 'see kate sew'...
i'm sure she wouldn't mind if you popped in and wished her
'many happy returns of the day'!

by the t and sharrie came home from bendigo last night
and have taken up residence in the front room temporarily..
it's good to see them again too.

much love to you all...

naturally Carol xox


  1. thanks for the bday wish! i love that fabric on the first pillows. again! I love all your fabrics!

  2. I love birthdays that just keep on giving!!
    And the birdies are very sweet :-) My birdie cushion is still on it's way (promise!) - I had to put it aside to get the molly monkey finished in time for today's celebration...but will finish it off soon...

  3. Really nice pillows again!
    Have a nice day.

  4. Lucky you, great coffee and house magazines, I hope you have somewhere nice to sit and enjoy these, preferably in the morning in the garden:)
    Happy Birthday!

  5. More beautiful cushions! Love those birdies!!

    The post into Australia from anywhere is so hard to gauge. I've posted things airmail for Christmas before the final posting date from both Europe and Canada and had them arrive in February ... so now my Christmas parcel is always sent at the end of September and, of course, arrives in 2 weeks!

  6. Happy happy belated birthday wishes, Carol! How sweet and thoughtful your children are! Enjoy the rest of your birthday week and have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  7. Those cushions are so cute!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Carol! You received some very lovely gifts. :)


  8. You are truly blessed! Have a great one!

  9. Hello Carol! What could be better present that good coffee and lovely magazines!
    Beautiful pillows again!
    Have a lovely day! Teje

  10. You have some VERY creative people sending you cushions! I just love the bird and dot combo of this!!

  11. Happy birthday for last week...just catching up on some blog reading!! Well done with your initiative with the cushions I'm sure they will be very well received.

  12. Wouldn't mind having a look through those magazines. Maybe with a cup of your birthday coffee...:-)

  13. That bird fabric is adorable! I've never seen anything like it. So cute. Loved hearing about your birthday gifts:)


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