Friday, February 11, 2011


hi and good afternoon..
..time to breathe!

it's been a full week
~ not that i'm complaining,
i've had a great time...
and received some lovely packages.

this morning just after i had visited teje on her blog..
'nero's post and patch'..
the postie delivered three wonderful cushion covers
... a beautiful felted wool hairband for me! 

you'll have to wait 'til monday to see those..haha!

as soon as i got them i raced off to lincraft
to get the inserts for them...
and the other one i made yesterday
out of more of the fabric that nancy sent earlier in the week.

the front of 'spring leaves'...

personal touches...

ha!ha! looks as though it has 'a little bottom' in it...
the insert are shaped a bit weirdly at first sometimes!

i just love leaves...

just like these in shadows!

cheers! to two stars this week...
nancy and teje,
many thanks!

have a wonderful weekend

naturally Carol xox

p.s...teje i haven't forgotten your comment about seeing my work corner...
in a little while!


  1. Gorgeous cushion covers~!
    I love leaves also. I miss Melbourne's Autumn leaves and their glorious rich colours.

  2. And another one - you're doing such a fabulous job with these!

  3. Hello! All the pretty cushions inspired me to finally finish the second one I was working on for you - they are now in the post! Who knows how long they will take to get to you from WA, but they are on their way!

  4. Love them! First one especially. What an inspiring bunch of handiwork.

  5. Hello Carol! I'm happy and suprised that those cushions came to you so quickly! You have made again beautiful cushion! Vow what leaves - it's great to see your photos from the nature there with defferent plants!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! xxx Teje
    Ps. the felted thing is for decoration - perhaps not strong enough for hairband. I'll find where in my Christmas posts I have it.

  6. I see you've got a good stash of cushions there. They are gorgeous, how kind people are.

    Have a wonderful weekend Carol x

  7. Oh Carol what a fresh colour you used this time... one of my fav... beautiful...

  8. Love this leaves pattern Carol! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Carol. I love that print. The pillow looks fabulous. Have a great weekend. Glad you could read my story on "lucky" bird. xx

  10. You have been one busy seamstress ;) I love how so many are joining the band wagon. Way to go! I know those who will receive one of these amazing cushions are going to blessed.
    Take care and have a great week end.


  11. I love how you've put them all together in the little photo. Such a welcoming look. x

  12. Love those, and the leaves, so pretty!

  13. Helo Carol! Thank you for your always sweet comments! Later I was thinking that I have photos about that felted decoration in my DaWanda Shop. So please visit and have a look - I'm sure you find also your own way to use it! Have a lovely weekend! xxx Teje


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