Saturday, January 29, 2011

Actually Not Quite A Hundred...

today i'm grateful for

99   101 103 104 106 110

as i like to call them....

there seems to be 100 102 104 105 111
but there really isn't... daughter-in-law...
was my first follower.
she had a little portrait and
yesterday it disappeared and became a grey head!

i spoke to her in the afternoon
and she said she would put a new photo in her google account...
she didn't know why her photo disappeared
and became a grey head.

so she did...and popped up as number 100


really i only have  had 99!!

sharrie will probably have to take off her first head
and just leave her photo sounds really way out doesn't it?

but it is the truth.

somewhere out there is a true hundred...{it was 'maxabella'...thank you!}
{and Nomi quickly followed and was no. 101...thank you too!}
{thanks style you and renette from south african kiwi}
a solitary beautiful person
who would like to see cushions, aprons
and read a rambling blog
written by an ordinary girl!
{who will follow their blog the hope of getting to know them better}

then i can host a giveaway!
{an apron giveaway will begin on monday now!}

i'm joining in with 'maxabella loves' today...'cos it's can join in too if you would like to...

naturally Carol xox

if you would like to join with me and make some cushions for the flood affected families of queensland please leave me a comment or email...thanking you!


  1. Oh I am sure there is a 101 out there for you, Carol. Yours is a lovely blog to be a friend of. x

  2. I love being a friend of yours. Happy 102 actually! xx

  3. Congratulations on 102 friends what a lovely way to describe 'followers' bring on the next 98 friends.

  4. Yeah for friends - be they Blogeristas or otherwise.

    Your photo today is a terrific illustration for your post Carol, I could just imagine this little pink bloom popping up, just like your 'true' hundredth.

    x Felicity

  5. Stopping by and saying hello from Maxbella ... and I'll be your friend too x

  6. I'm already your friend ;)I hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  7. I just realised - while I look for your posts in the feed on my blogroll - I don't actually formally follow you!
    Happy 103! Ooops - no! 105!

  8. Congratulations Carol - you are such a kind deserve every one of your friends.
    I'll be back on monday to enter your giveaway - you know how much I love your aprons :-)
    have a great weekend

  9. COngratulations on reaching your hundred!

  10. See you Monday Carol.I can see myself prancing around the house in one of your beautiful creations.Glad we missed the rain..xx

  11. I am your newest follower now! Congratulations! Clearly your blog is valuable, meaningful and entertaining...and I must say, I really love the 'berkely' cushion fabric in your previous blog entry! A lovely read and I will be dropping by in the future1 Thank you for stopping by my newly developing blog with your sweet messages - it is much appreciated, Carol. X

  12. I love the picture that you chose, we are lacking the joy of flowers in the grass over here.

  13. Glad to have found you through Blog Love. Make me your 112th. And thanks for the follow :-D

  14. YAY it's lovely to see you getting more friends :-) I love visiting :-) Did you get my msg about a cushion the other day?

  15. Wishing you well and hoping you've had a wonderful weekend xxx

  16. I'm a follower/friend! I found your site some months back when you left kind words for me. The friend button is new to me and yours was the first blog I followed. I love seeing your creations and reading your kind words! And I would love to share a cushion or two. Let me know where and how and I'll get them to you asap! Coming from Colorado might take a bit, though!

  17. Congrats on reaching 100 followers, Carol! You deserve it!


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!