Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Grateful For..Dry Toes..So Far!

it's been raining...
a lot!

the river's up
and creeping closer...

the road's closed but good for a paddle!

closed for business...methinks!

no dogs allowed here!

we're not going home from the shops that way!

coming out for a picnic?

would you buy this block of land?
its got waterviews going in its favour!

the flooding river...still raining lightly!

looking south across the river...

southbound traffic has come to a standstill...the highway is flooded!

trucks are pulling over to the side...stopped.
shops are shutting up early...
some are removing merchandise and taking it to higher ground.


for george and maud...
life goes on as usual!

we'd be grateful this weekend...
if the river stopped rising right now!

joining in today with maxibella's linky party here 

naturally Carol xox


  1. WOW carol- how close is your place? keep dry and safe xx

  2. When we moved here we made sure we were on high's paying off now, we should be fine! Thanks for asking.

  3. What is wrong with our weather? Drought for seven years and floods for the next seven? Oh dear... but some of that real estate just went up in price with that water front view! xx


  5. Hi Carrol!

    Thank you for commenting so I could find my way back to your place!

    It's interesting to see your personal report from the flood. I have only seen it on the news. And what a spirit you'v got! Reporting with a humoristic eye!

    You have a new follower!

    Have a nice weekend, (I hope its possible to have a nice weekend even though its flooding....)

  6. oh gosh~ :( I heard that the flooding was really bad~ I studied in Melbourne before coming over to the States... hope things don't get worse~ take care!

  7. Such extreme weather in this country. So ironic that so many friends of mine are holidaying in Qld right now, whilst Melb weather is lovely (for the time being!). Glad to hear your home is safe.

  8. Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. I have been following the floods on the news, such a terrible sight. I do hope you don't get too wet. My thoughts are with you all in the flooded area. My uncle is in the Gold Coast, I dont think it has reached that area yet. Keep Safe Lou x

  9. Oh my! That really brings the floods home, Carol. I hope you stay high and dry. x

  10. Wow... we really have crazy weather - I feel for all those affected by the floods.
    My brother was driving back from 'the Bay' down to Vic on Friday - I bet he's glad he didn't wait an extra day!
    Loving the pic of 'George & Maude'!

  11. Glad to hear you're going to be OK, Carol. I've been a little worried about you, but since you hadn't been blogging about the flooding, I figured you must be fine:) Take care.

  12. Hope you stay dry. We've been watching the news about floods over there - it's just awful.

    Here we woke up to more snow and a cold day (minus 8 with wind chill down to minus 15). I've done all the grocery shopping, so I may just be staying indoors today and leaving snow clearing for tomorrow!!!

  13. Dry toes (and house and belongings) is well and truly something to be grateful for!! Here's hope that rain finally stops. Feel free to tell it off and send it to Perth for time out.

  14. Dear Carol, I'm happy to hear that you are safe and 'dry'. Your photos look quite scary - I do hope it gets back to normal soon!
    xxx Teje

  15. Hi Carol, Don't know about Tuesday?? Please pray for my daughter Daniella. She went to Nambucca and has to get to Toowoomba today then back here. I have told her to stay put as she can't get back. Her 4wd has a water snorkel so she thinks she is safe. I have my son here as he lives on the south side alone otherwise. So tired of the rain. Woke up with my bed wet with it pouring inside.LOL That was a surprise.
    Silly children were swimming in the park.
    Apparently Mary Street is preparing..
    Bless you heaps, our prayers are will all who are on the low lands. xxx

  16. Hi Carol, thanks for visiting. It is ridiculous how widespread the flooding is. The devastation it has left in its path is just terrible. Luckily for us, and you too, our feet have stayed dry - just!

  17. Wow, great photos but a little frightening too. Hope you can stay dry and the disruption to your town is kept to a minimum.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting - if you run out of teaspoons let me know and I will send some down because we have plenty now. :)


  18. Oh I hope it stops!! Keep safe and dry. Love the pics though such a contrast to here. Do feel for all affected by it though.

  19. Hello Carol!
    Amazing photos,I hope you`re still dry and I do hope the rain stops. In Norway it snows and we have a problem with icey roads- best stay in and look forward to the spring:)

  20. Oh my goodness! That's getting a bit out of control isn't it - is that very close to your house??

  21. Wow Carol! I admire your good spirits despite the heavy rains! It is not good to see those pictures but ohboy your comments sure made me smile! Be safe ok? Have a great week!

  22. Wow, you certainly are close to the action! Hope you keep staying dry and fingers crossed for some much needed drying off time soon!

  23. I'll be hoping that the water recedes soon! Best wishes for a quick resumption of life as usual. btw, the gray color paint is fabulous in the previous post.

  24. Thinking of you and hope the river is not rising anymore. Happy New Year to you.

  25. Hello Carol,
    thank you so much with your compliments for my crochet. My husband and I are thinking about you Queenslanders, my husband lift three years in Sydney (NSW)and later we have been in Australia for a capple of times for holiday. Queensland is my favorite place to be. We hope that your coverment is going to do as what they say they will do. And that you all will be supportet in rebilding and cleaning everything.
    Greetings Conny


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