Friday, May 27, 2011

Banana Bliss at Ten in the Morning!

good morning!

this morning i warmed up the house
by making a batch of banana bliss muffins.
these were in the 'care package'
along with nestle cappucino sticks
from deb.

easy peasey..just put the packet mix into the bowl
add water.

no adding extra eggs, oil, milk or anything else!

put a tablespoon of mixture into each paper case..
large ones.
it was meant to make a dozen
but i made mine a little larger and it made eleven.

mmm! they're ready to go..

boil the jug.

make the cappucino,
put the muffin on a fancy plate
the flag makes it taste even better


debbie i'm thinking of you
as i have morning tea this morning...
just like we used to every friday morning
in canberra!

thank you, deb...
i do feel spoilt rotten..haha!

the smell of banana bliss muffins
got mr t and sharrie out of bed to share them with

next term he will be a won't be sleeping in!

and the house is nice and warm!

there's nothing like a special friend to warm up your heart...

naturally Carol xox

p.s...i've saved a few for the final moments of oprah this evening!


  1. Mmm lovely!! When I read your blog title on my dashboard, I was immediately jealous that you had some bananas!!! I feel much better knowing it was a packet mix and you too are missing out on fresh delightful bananas like me haha!!!

    And I loooove those fancy patty papers!!

  2. My first response was "the cupcake wrappers are so pretty!" Then I looked closer and thought "so is the mug! and the coaster! and the plate!" Sounds like a good morning all round :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the cappucino sticks. I really need to buy some more. Saves me going out to buy an actual cappucino!

  4. Carol, they look so yum!!! the plate is just the cutest too!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!!
    Laura x

  5. Ooh they look good and love those paper cups, they are gorgeous.
    Happy weekend xx

  6. they look delicious. Love the muffin cases. Oh and a pretty plate makes a difference, presentation is important!

  7. I love those cupcake liners...must get some for my next batch of muffins...I would love to make some real banana muffins but they are still way too expensive in our shops.

  8. Gosh you make everything look so nice.I have never seen these pretty paper cases?? But I don't cook as I used to. Shame on me.
    Loved today and forgot to bring the bones home to the dogs...I am having lamb shanks next time.. Fiona loved it there. I love Gunnibul also.
    We are sure getting around and making our mark.
    Love Crystal xx

  9. YUMMY! and beautiful presentation!

  10. Sounds so delicious! It's the middle of the afternoon, but this still makes me want some morning treats... ;-)

  11. Yum! I recorded Oprah's last episodes and are yet to find a good time to watch it all unfold. Will miss Oprah :(

  12. What a delicious morning tea, makes my mouth water!! You've done a great job with the apron.


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