Wednesday, May 25, 2011


hello there!

it's late in the afternoon
and the shadows are lengthening fast.

the warmth of the day is ebbing away
and the cool of the evening is seeping in.

i took the opportunity this afternoon
in the warmth of my little sewing nook...

to sew a frilly pocket
onto the apron i cut out yesterday....

frills are thrilling me at the moment
so i'm adding them where i can!

i love the softness they add to an item
that added dimension and prettiness.

i'm thrilled about a few things today:

i won one of nikki's new books from jodie at ric rac..yay!


got a special package from my friend deb in canberra...
a real pick-me-up!

i am totally overwhelmed with your blessings deb and jodie...
thank you so much.

i'll share more later about these.

by the way..i did comment on some posts yesterday
and then found that blogger wasn't connecting me properly..
so if i'm a regular commenter on your blog
and you didn't hear from me yesterday,
it's not favouritism
it's just 'cos when i had to sign in...
i had to sign in
sign in
sign in
then it made me an anonymous commenter
still wouldn't sign me in!!!

i gave up and left!

i hope it's fixed itself today.

i forced myself to go out last night
to my usual tuesday evening thing..
it forced me to reconsider some silly sad thoughts
that have roamed around in my brain
the last few days..
then being blessed by deb and jodie
put those thoughts away permanently.

as a result i feel my normal self has returned
and the joy i usually carry around is back
where it should be,
in my heart.

i love having friends!

wishing you are having a joyful wednesday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Glad you're feeling more yourself and I can't wait to see what you make from Nikki's book when it arrives.

  2. Glad you're feeling better - I love frills too at the moment! :-)

  3. Carol I love love frills and frills on aprons how wonderful. Glad you are feeling happier. Yes friends are important and support and connection from friends is so very important, hard to find good ones but when you do don't let them go.

  4. A little pocket with a frill. Making a pocket extra special.


  5. Oh me again, I haven't got time for sewing at the moment but I am starting to miss it which is a good thing. But I can curb the sewing withdrawals by visiting your blog. Cheers

  6. Hi Carol,
    Just letting you know that I have passed the Versatile Blogger award onto you.
    Beth x

  7. I had that same horrible problem yesterday. So frustrating!
    How wonderful that you won a copy of Nikkis book - congrats!

  8. What a pretty frill! I love it! I am crazy for frills too! I just made a frilly bag, I will have to get around to taking some pictures! I have been having issues with signing in too! X

  9. Glad you are back to your normal self, Carol, and your frilly pocket is beautiful :)

  10. Frills are entirely thrilling! Note to self: must frill more. Also: must crochet edge more. Probably should tidy a room or something too. (pfft).


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!