Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Still Shakin'!

this afternoon we had a fire in our oven...
it was 3 pm
i thought of the leg of lamb in the fridge
decided it was time to start cooking it...
a long slow roast
for dinner tonight.
i prepared it
put it in the roasting dish
and in the oven at 160 degrees celsius...
mr t says lamb should be cooked long and slow for max. tenderness.
i decided to wash a few glasses and bowls
to clear the benches.
about 10 mins after the roast was in the oven,
we noticed smoke building up.
i opened the oven door to see where the smoke was coming from
and thought that it was just a bit of spilled stuff on the oven floor
that would burn off.
next minute
flames were spotted inside the oven...
bright swirling and orange!
mr t tried to put it out with a teatowel
ms s yelled 'put salt on it'.
apparently that normally works
but i only had sea salt in crystals
which when i threw in,
exploded and cracked like mini firecrackers...oh dear!
i rummaged in the vacuum cleaner cupboard,
finding the old fireblanket
that we'd always had...just in case.
mr t quelled the flames...
meanwhile smoke had filled the kitchen
and the fire alarm had finally gone off
and the oven although switched off was still beeping...
i called 000.
i told them the fire was out...
but i wanted them to check that the surrounding cupboards
and wooden weatherboarding outside
was safe and cold.
i didn't want it gently smouldering,
to burst into flames in the middle of the night...
i've seen all those fire documentaries and movies!
three big handsome firies came out in their fire engine.
they switched off the oven fuse outside.
with their temperature sensor
they detected 800 degree heat still
so took the oven out so they could check the surrounding wood.
all was fine...
i'm still a bit shaky....
i've had enough adrenaline course through my veins for the whole year...
i hope your afternoon was pleasant and even a little boring...
in comparison!
naturally Carol xox

p.s..the lamb roast went into the fridge again...i think it will end up as dog food though..if it's good enough!


  1. Oh no Carol I would be so frightened too assuming that the smoke wasn't nothing serious and then discovering that it was. I am so glad that it was put out and no other damage was done. I hope that you find something else yummy to eat for dinner you weren't meant to eat that roast tonight :) Take care. x

  2. Oh my goodness! How frightening! I'm so glad it was contained. My brother is a fireman and he has taught me to always switch off the power at the fuse box. This is a really good post because I think we all get a bit complacent and think this will never happen to us. It's a good reminder to have fire safety action plans and fire blankets for the kitchen. I'm really sorry about your lamb roast (my favourite food). Could you do it in the slow cooker or electric fry pan instead perhaps.

  3. Eeeek, that is so scary. Glad you are all ok and the damage was limited - thank goodness you hadn't popped it in and gone out. Hope the rest of your day is calm & uneventful, and you feel better soon. Love & hugs xx

  4. Oh dear, how scary!! And now I suppose you have to buy a new stove? Just as well the firemen came to check everything so that you can sleep tonight. Do they know what caused it? Jillxx

  5. WOWsers! Glad it turned out how it did! Your safe, family safe and home intact! Have a good sit down and a glass of wine! xxx

  6. How scary! Wonder what caused the fire...maybe an electrical fault? It was a good job you were close by when the fire started...I think I will get a fire blanket for our kitchen now. When I rented a house, there was a small extinguisher and a fire blanket in the our own place we have nothing except the smoke alarm :-( bad eh?

  7. Oh Goodness, what a fright! It was very wise calling the fire brigade, take care xx

  8. How frightening! We always slow roast our leg of lamb. I am glad you are all okay and hope you can determine the cause, so worrisome.

  9. Oh Carol, I know exactly how you feel -we had almost the same issue with an oven we had many about 10 years ago ... we were doing a long, slow roast and I went to get something out of the cupboard next to the oven and noticed the cupboard was smouldering ... no roast. That fire never really took hold and Andy dealt with it, but we never turned that oven on again. Then a short time after we had a chimney fire and had to call the volunteer fire brigade out - never been so scared in my life. Thanks goodness for the fire brigade.

    I hope you feel less jittery soon and that your week is very boring in comparison. Take care.

  10. What a frightening day you've had! I'm so glad to hear you and your family are okay.

  11. Oh my, you poor thing !!! What a fright and that looks like such a nice new, modern oven too..what went wrong, did you ever figure it out? I do hope you have a quiet Sunday after all of that! xo

  12. Oh my goodness Carol, poor you! Good to hear that you and your family are ok, fire is so lethal. Take care and I hope you feel calmer as the day has past by xxx Penny

  13. oh is a good job you didn't put it in and go outside while it cooked!
    Glad everything is ok though.

  14. What a day you've had! This is of course everyone's nightmare, having a fire in your house. Good thing it went 'well' in the end.
    Glad I could bring some sunshine into your life;)

  15. Yikes, how scary! I'm sorry to hear about this but I'm glad to know you're okay!

  16. Oh my goodness what a scare. Lucky you were home at the time otherwise it could have been disastrous!

    So glad you are all okay...


  17. Goodness! What a fright that must have been! Hope everything is okay now! xx

  18. Oh my gosh, what a fright! I hope get a nice, lovely new owen out of this - you deserve it. Lucky dog getting the lamb too!

  19. Oh Carol what a day you have all had, thankfully you are all OK and nobody was hurt.
    I had just popped over to your blog to say how kind of you to leave a comment on mine, I was not expecting to read about your adventure.
    Take care now.
    Julie.C x

  20. Oh my goodness Carol, how scary! What was the exact cause of the fire? Totally agree with Tanya's advice above. Every time I turn on the pyrolytic function on my oven (at 400 + degrees), I worry this could happen. xx

  21. How frightening Carol, I had a similar thing happening a couple of months ago, cooking a cheesecake, so I know that shaky feeling in the legs etc, but silly me threw a cupful of sand in my oven to put the fire out..the things we do, anyway, glad the fire was put out and you're all safe, the week can only get better x

  22. Oh no! So sorry that this happened to you! Thankful it wasn't worse, though!

  23. Oh my goodness, how scary!! Lucky you had that fire blanket, I must get one of those for our house...

  24. Oh sweet Carol. What a horrid shock. I'm so relieved you discovered it in time. J x


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