Thursday, April 25, 2013

As the Sun Sets...

on a.n.z.a.c. day this year
there is peace.
thank you
all those who helped to make it this way
keep it this way
in our country!
while many went to dawn services,
our household was quiet.
eventually mr m got up
made a fresh batch of anzac biscuits
'cos we'd already devoured the ones
we'd bought from woollies.
i knitted...
a little cream baby beanie this time...
smaller than i've attempted before.
i'll show you in my next post.
warm damper, butter and honey,
was lunch.
the anzac parade
broadcast on tv
was the backdrop for our activities.
the afternoon sun
sent a shaft of light into the loungeroom
and caught the bare branches of the christmas tree.
it was sitting there waiting for me to dress it
in pompoms for winter.
i dusted the branches
hung the pompoms.
when someone connects it to the power
it will twinkle
on cold winter nights
resplendant in it's woolly finery...
looking cosy.
the sun has set.
mr t has cooked a pork roast
and it's nearly on the table.
time to go
and join the family for dinner...
see you soon!
what did you do today?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Sounds like a lovely family day! I went to an ANZAC service this morning. This is a first for me. Very moving. Jillxx

  2. Your pom pom tree is lovely, Carol. As were your words of remembrance. x

  3. How lovely and your writing was beautiful~

  4. I'll have to google anzac day! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it :)

  5. Lovely post, Carol....beautiful writing. And I do love your pom pom tree too!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  6. That is totally gorgeous Carol. A pom pom tree is such a great idea, so festive and cheerful. Love it xo


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