Thursday, April 11, 2013

Neon Naturally...

hi there!
after doing a little 'mainly music' prep
for the start of term next week,
i drove into my driveway
spotted this bright beauty
hanging over the front fence...
this, i know, is a crucifix orchid...
unlike the purpley ones in the last post
which i'm not sure about!
you can spot the little crosses visible as yellow centres.
i think they're true neon glory.

i thought i'd lost them...
then up came this lone flower.
all is not lost! hehe!
they're in amongst this lovely purple flowering bush...
i don't know it's name.
i finished another specimen
of unnatural neon-ness...

 there's nothing like a touch of neon...
natural or unnatural
to brighten up your day...
i hope your day is neon bright today!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Your garden is a wonderful burst of colour and so is that hat! I find it hard to imagine needing a hat in Australia, but my sister tells me that she wears one in winter ... I guess it's all relative!

  2. That orchid is unlike any I have seen before and it's colour is quite spectacular.
    Loving the beanie too Carol.

    btw, I answered your question to my lastest post in the comments for those who may have had the same question.


  3. I'm so thankful for a God who created color! Thanks so much for your comment on my post about hope deferred. I loved your remark about it being a preparation room, not a waiting room. I'd sure appreciate your prayers for my youngest. She's a beautiful young woman of God. She turns 30 tomorrow. She's very discouraged that God hasn't brought her "Boaz" to her yet.

  4. Love that beautiful crucifix orchid....looks great with that purple Durante / sheena gold. Another cute beanie out of very pretty yarn :-)

  5. What stunning flowers...they really are neon colours! They look so exotic to me :) Love your colourful knitting's great to find something you love to make isn't it? (Off to do some more of my crochet now!)
    Helen x

  6. I am always amazed at the different flowers from all around the world. These are lovely.
    Your finished hat is very pretty, too.
    I don't know why it has taken me so long to find your wonderful blog. We have many mutual followers, so I think it was destiny for our paths to cross at some point in time. I am your newest follower and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you over to follow me back. I have met the nicest people in blog-land.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Reading your post certainly brightened up an otherwise dull day here! Love your beanie and those orchids are so pretty.

  8. That bright orange/yello sunset colou is my favorite! I think it says joy! Thank you for sharing it Carol x

  9. Your garden is wonderful. That orange flower is outrageous!

  10. Is that your beanie this time? Thought your purple orchids might be a type of dendrobium. My kids were quite amazed years ago when we showed them the hidden cross in the crucifix orchids, never fails to make me look for them too. Have a lovely "wet" weekend.

  11. My parents have those orchids on orange and purple. I remember picking them for my Mum all the time as a child. They also have the purple flower, which they call Geisha girl. :)

  12. Neon's not normally my colour preference but that orchid is incredible, and if ever there was a happy hat that's it :)

  13. Pretty flower! And sweet beanie :-)
    Have a lovely day!
    Sarah x

    PS I think that bush is a Geisha Girl - they look really nice when kept pruned :-)


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