Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tiny Orchid...

good afternoon!
i have been admiring these gorgeous little orchids
in one of the jacaranda trees
for a few days now.
today i took the camera out
just so i could share them with you too...
they were here living in the trees
when we bought our house here nine years ago.
with all the rain they've started to flower and grow...
i think they love the humidity.

i know the orange ones are crucifix orchids
but i'm not sure whether these are or not...
i'd love it if any of you queenslanders
could help me here in identifying them properly.
i am amazed that a flower so beautiful
grows so commonly here!

i've been taking advantage of having more time
over the past week or so {due to school holidays}
to knit up some more beanies.
i've now knitted seven in all...
 for fiona, rose, stephanie, alana, sharrie, jill
one for myself!
brigitte is next
and then a couple to send to maria
for brisbane's needy.
i think i understand a tiny bit
of how monet felt about haystacks...
or water lillies for that matter!
i remember seeing some of his haystack paintings
in the canberra national gallery,
capturing different colourings in the light
of various times in the day or seasons.
i look at these balls of 'splendour'
and imagine every brim a different colour
love it as i knit them
and the colours unravel in different ways
displaying their own particular pattern and blend of colour!
it was the same with aprons and cushions...
i think i'll always be fascinated and enthralled
by how different colours make different objects sing
and suit different people!
i hope you're enjoying
your 'obsessions' as much as i'm enjoying mine...hehe!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Absolutely exquisite. It's amazing that they come from such lack lustre looking plants.

  2. Aren't obsessions great? I love it when I'm in the grip of one...it adds a sort of zing to life. :) love Jillxx

  3. These prchids are wonderful. How nice to have them growing in your garden. I don't know what this variety is.
    Well done with all the knitting - I'm very impressed!
    Oh and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog today :)

  4. Such a pretty flower! Enjoy your knitting...I've been indulging in craft and baking lately too, my "obsessions" :-D

  5. How gorgeous are those orchids?
    You're really on a roll with the beanies! x

  6. Oh my, those orchids are gorgeous!!!

    Food for thought there, in your comments on Monet and knitting :)

  7. A beautiful post, as always, Carol. Love your enthusiasm for your craft/projects, I completely relate. There is nothing nicer than seeing colours come together and being able to match up combos and then of course, choosing who the finished product will be gifted to. Those orchids are amazing. They are such an expensive bloom to buy. I am thinking you might be sitting on a gold mine with that lot there Carol xo

  8. You're amazing to be knitting so many beanies and thinking of Monet at the same time. I'm sure they will be enjoyed as much as you have obviously enjoyed making them. Have to go see if I can find your orchids in my book of flowers, they are such a pretty shade of purple.


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!