Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green Beanie...

good afternoon!
it's another rainy day...
another one.
can you believe it?
it seems like it's been raining forever here...
since january!
well at least rain = inside
inside = cosy
cosy = knitting or reading or movies hehe!
a friend bought some green wool...

i knitted up the green beanie.

it's the slouchiest one i've made yet.
at first she bought me the wool
to make it up to give away...
when she looked at it
she fell in love.
now it's going back home with her!
{i have others to give ... so maria, don't fear!}
when i first started knitting it
i didn't really like the green
thought i may have to find a lady leprechaun to like it!
just shows
even friends
can have radically differing tastes...
in beanies, at least.

i bought this african violet yesterday.
it's a present to myself.
do you buy yourself presents too?
i hope you find something nice for yourself this weekend...
you deserve a treat!
naturally Carol xox



  1. Pretty green beanie!! And, lovely violets!! Hope the rain clears up for you! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  2. Hallo Carol,

    thats so lovly. I like the color very match. And yes i can unterstant your frend:O)

    greatings send you Conny

    In the Nederlands its raining to...:O(
    Bat i have knitting protjects...:O)

  3. Beautiful photos, nice stylin'! I think African Violets are great. I still have one that my brother gave me 28 years ago and it always reminds me of him

    1. Wow! Amazing! Twenty eight years old for any plant...that's not a great!

  4. I love green....sorry to hear you are over the rain...yes we are loving the first real signs of a change in the seasons here in Perth. happy weekend to you. xxx

  5. African violets are such sweet flowers. I do like to buy myself treats sometimes - books, plants, fancy lotions :)

  6. Oh, pretty. I do buy myself presents once in awhile, especially flowers.

  7. It's lovely Carol. Your friends are very lucky! I'm doing some beanie knitting today too, but in little tiny baby sizes for the market stall :-)

    Happy Sunday!
    Sarah x

  8. Are you addicted to hat making yet Carol????
    Love your green one, not surprised your friend whisked it away.

    1. Totally addicted Kate! I'm practising so I can make Little Bean some winter beanies for Christmas...he will be born in May which is their summer time so I have a few months to practise!

  9. ha ha! saw your little message Carol :-) No wonder your friend decided to take the beanie home with her...the colours are gorgeous!

  10. Love your beanie Carol, especially with the variations of greeny colours in it. I do buy myself presents sometimes :-) Mel x

  11. Glad your friend likes the green beanie, it goes well with the violet, and yes a little present to yourself is always good! Xxx

  12. Lovely beanie, Carol.

    I love to buy myself presents from time to time, nice to spoil myself.

  13. The beanie is lovely! I do buy myself little things, not very often. It is a good thing to do though. We used to have African Violets when we were kids :)

  14. My mum always had African violets in our bathroom!
    Love the beanie
    And I do treat myself...sometimes a coffee alone is just the biggest treat ever!

  15. I love your approach on the rainy days Carol, important to look on the bright side of grey weather. Cool beanie, I like the green actually, very striking. And your African Violet is a beauty, they are a lovely plant to keep indoors too. Always nice to buy yourself a little something special like that and yes, I do that from time to time also! xo

  16. I absolutely believe in buying presents for ones self. The African violets remind me of my Nonna

  17. I haven't seen an african violet in years, my Nan used to buy them for my brother and I when we were younger and I remember loving them but not really being able to keep them alive too well. I definitely agree that you should buy gifts for yourself, I enjoy buying the odd treat just for me:) x


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