Monday, April 22, 2013

Tweedy Blue...

on this clear blue monday afternoon!
i'm still practising
my baby boy beanies
this pattern is 'baby drops'
a free ravelry pattern
knitted in 8 ply
...a kind of tweedy blue denim colour...
very boyish i'm thinking
though not exclusively.

i took my other baby beanie to church...{last post}
but the baby i'd made it for wasn't there.
i was showing a friend
while having a cappucino after church
she asked whether i could make her one
as she was going to a baby shower
for a little baby boy this friday.
i didn't know whether i could,
so i offered her the beanie i she loved it.
she wanted to pay me
so i said 'five dollars' cover the cost of the wool.
she gave me seven
which covers the cost of two more...hehe...a bonus!
i came home and was eager to try out another pattern
with this wool that i bought last week.
now i will take this one to church
for the other little baby boy.
he is five months old
and this is size 6-9 months.
next i'm going to try one with ear flaps...
and i still haven't mastered those 4 little needles...  :-(
i tried but had to frog it.
i hope you're more successful in your new endeavours!
naturally Carol xox



  1. That's so lovely that a friend purchased your beanie! It's really cute :-D
    I haven't mastered knitting in the round yet either. I found it very uncomfortable trying to handle four needles.

    Have a lovely evening, xo

  2. That's a lovely beanie Carol. That yarn knits up beautifully and will keep that little head nice and warm xx

  3. I can't think of a nicer baby gift than one that is handmade. I really love this yarn Carol and love the style of this beanie too.

  4. Another really cute beanie! And I love that tweedy denim wool too. I used to be able to knit with 4 needles...way back in my school days.. but seem to have lost the skill somewhere along the way, so I'm still happiest on two!

  5. That's a really nice hat. How flattering to have someone offer to buy it, and even pay extra! Your work is beautiful and you deserve it.

  6. The hat is great! I used to knit a LOT of hats. But in the past few years I've branched out to fingerless gloves and baby sweaters (EEP!).

  7. What a cute beanie Carol, I really like the colour, and there's nothing like a handmade gift, I'm sure they would have been well received :-)

  8. You are definitely on the roll with these cozy beanies!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  9. thats so lovely carol! and so generous of you to give one to all the babies at church! you are so clever!!! you know, i have a baby shower to go to on the 19th of may; but the parents dont know the sex of the baby yet; I would love to buy one from you but in perhaps a pale green or something? or a cream? i would pay you for your time aswell as materials, thats only fair!
    please let me know!!!

    hugs, laura xx

    1. I'd love to make one for you to give to your friend Laura...please email me with your address! I do have some cream yarn on hand but will look for a pretty pale green.

  10. So nice that your friend bought the first beanie from you. Love the colour of this one...dusty blue.

  11. What a lovely little beanie. Makes me miss being able to fit Violet into the baby sizes :( Good on you to earn a little money from your hobby.


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