Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spreading a little Beanie Love...

good morning!
yes..i am up early again.
mr m is on his early morning shift week.
he has one week on earlies and then one week of lates.
his car broke down completely
and it looks like it will take a couple of weeks
for the spare part to come...
that means
i am his transport.
the trouble is
that once i'm awake
it takes a while to wind down again
to get back to sleep.
i'm on a roll with these beanies.
i've adjusted the pattern though.
the first one was a bit snug
so i've added on another seven stitches in width
another sixteen rows of pattern
for a bit of slouch.
the result is a more relaxed look.
one of these is for my friend steph
{who loves purple!}
the other for
someone close to me
whose birthday is sneaking up soon.
{and may be useful when walking on a windy beach
or gardening on a frosty morn?}
i know they look a bit like weird tea cosies
but {trust me?}
they do look better on.
maybe ms s will model hers for me
to take a photo of for you.
have a lovely day!
naturally Carol xox


  1. You are up very early Carol, and obviously well in to your day doing a blog post as well. I am such a hopeless morning person - a habit I really need to change! Love the beanies - bet they do look great on!
    Amanda x

  2. Goodmorning to you! I'm having a little glas of wine before going to bed. It's sometimes just too funny, these time differences.
    The beanie looks very warm and I love the colours. Enjoy your day!

  3. I on the other hand am up too late and really should be getting some sleep! Love your beanies, just perfect for winter - great colours too.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. My husband was up early which meant I was awake early so had the luxury of reading lots of new blogs - found yours and adore your hat :)

  5. Yes you should get them on a model, they look lovely! X

  6. Lovely hat! The colours work so well and look so pretty, and I love the fond of rows of garter stitch between rows of stocking stitch, love that textured look!
    Have a lovely weekend, Carol!
    Helen x

  7. Just catching up here Carol :)

    These really are fabulous hats ... I love your colour choices for them, and the texture is just perfect.

    I do hope you had a lovely Easter x

  8. They look lovely Carol! Sweet gifts :-)
    I'm on a hat knitting roll at the moment too...trying to get stock up for a Babies & Toddlers market in June!
    Have a lovely weekend tomorrow!
    Sarah xxo

  9. Great beanies! It is nearly beanie weather too! X

  10. Hi Carol, I love your beanies they look really warm and light to wear. The weather is cooling down now and I am sure these will get a lot of wear. The colours are lovely.

    I am back in blogworld now and have started a new blog. Please pop over for a visit.

    Pam x (ex Bayside Rose) xx

  11. Hi Carol, how lovely to meet you! Auckland ay! A Shore girl like me or were you over the Bridge? jx

  12. That beanie would brighten any early start, Carol! x


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