Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Beanie...

i'm practising...
practising making baby beanies.
i haven't made anything for a baby to wear in a long long time.
so i found myself a pattern...
and a baby...
and this is the beanie i've made.
now i haven't fitted it on the baby yet...
no, it's not 'baby bean'...
it's another baby that i found at church.
i asked it's mum whether i could knit him a beanie
and she said 'yes'!
so tomorrow
i'll take the beanie to church
and try it on her baby.
it isn't the same as the pattern
'cos when i'd finished the first bit
i realised it was going to be too thick to be doubled over again...
now it looks a bit like a tiny blue chef's hat..hehe!
tomorrow we'll see.
i may have to frog it if it looks too funny.
i have been on ravelry
and have uploaded several more baby beanie patterns...
i could always try again.
naturally Carol xox


  1. I imagine it will look really cute! Lovely colour!

  2. I can just see it on a cute little babies head. Gorgeous colour Carol xx

  3. Cute! Like the colour & stitch texture! Xx

  4. It's very sweet Carol. I bet the Mum of the little bub is just going to love this beanie especially now as the weather is cooling. Baby beanies are just so tiny and so cute I love crocheting them up for little ones. Enjoy your Sunday. xx

  5. It is long till your very own comes along?

  6. Adorable work Carol! I love beanies!

  7. Gorgeous, Carol. Hope the baby (or his Mum!) love it!

  8. Wow, of course mum of bub would say yes,who wouldn't! Beanie knitter extraordinaire that you are Carol. Ps. wasn't really happy with that red velvet cake mix,some say to bang the tin before baking and I know why, too many air bubbles, though tasted better the next day. I would go for the recipes with lots of eggs in it. Still looking for the perfect recipe.

  9. Awww, that is so sweet! I love baby beanies!
    Helen x

  10. I love the little knot on the top. Xxx


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