Monday, December 3, 2012

Sew Stitchy Bird Cushion...

good afternoon!
sweltering hot
i'm here at my computer
with the fan blowing on my back
wishing a breeze
would sweep through the window
and cool my reddening face.
speaking of red...
the second cushion is finished.
this will go on miss a's bed
at the completion of her bedroom makeover..
{which her mum is doing while she's in thailand...see previous posts}
this one was smooth sailing.
i cut it out in the cool of the evening on sunday
while the church across the road
serenaded carols from their front lawn
during their annual christmas celebration.
living across the road from a church
certainly has benefits!
{i have found the secret of getting an even row of studs.
 i did the ones that show on the outside first
then if the bottom halves are slightly crooked it doesn't matter...
'cos they're not showing.
i did it the other way around last time
and they looked slightly skewiff on the back of the aqua cushion.}
early on sunday morning...
well, not that early, 6 am,
i woke up the household for a few minutes
while i hammered the studs in
and finished off a few seams.
the red cushion was finished before i went to church just after 8.
{..and i got the washing up done before church as well!}
i will hand them over to go to their new home
'cos miss a arrives home at the end of this week.
this morning i started on the final bag for miss d...
it is wonderful looking at all your beautiful winter pictures
as i swelter here..
i find them so refreshing,
even though i love summer flowers and ocean pics too.
have a marvellous monday...whatever the temperature!
naturally Carol xox


  1. These two cushions look so lovely together! Sounds like you had a much easier time with the second though :-)

    Take care, xo

  2. It's terribly hot today and tomorrow down here is going to be a scorcher 41 predicted. I think we'll have to bunker down and put on the air conditioning, the first time for summer. These cushions look beautiful together, such a nice colour combination and that fabric is really sweet. Miss A is going to be so surprised to see her beautiful new room. xx

  3. Those 2 cushions are beautiful Carol; although the red one does make me feel a bit hotter, despite the fan on my back too! lol I saw that your town was going to be 6 degrees warmer than here so you have my sympathy. Stay cool as you can!

  4. Love the red cushion too - that fabric is so sweet. Sound like a lovely, and productive Sunday to me!
    It's forecast for a top temp of 8 degrees here today, wish we could do a warmth/cool swap just to even things out a bit !
    Happy Monday xx

  5. That red fabric is so sweet Carol, and the cushions look great. How nice to have carols just across the road. I do love me a good Christmas carol! The Salvation Army Band were playing them at our local food market on Saturday and it really makes you feel all Christmassy. x

  6. How lovely those cushions look, Carol! And very nice to work with carols being sung too :) One of the most Christmassy things!
    Have a lovely week!
    Helen x

  7. That red fabric with the birdies is so cute...the room is going to look stunning I bet. xx

  8. you did such a beautiful job on the cushions, what a beautiful way to work!

  9. I'm jealous of your warm weather (and all that SUN!!). Love your festive pillows :)

  10. Oh Carol, I just LOVE the birdy cushion, the colours, the pattern, all of it. Lucky Miss A, she will be stoked to receive such beautiful creations on her return home xo

  11. So pretty, and I love your hexie cushion, too!! Happy day to you! xo Heather


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