Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Messing with Lyrics!

good afternoon!
when i'm sitting at the sewing machine,
piecing together some little project,
often a phrase will stick in my mind.
sometimes it's a person i'm thinking of...
the recipient usually of my messing around,
but on this day it was
random lyrics from 'the sound of music'...
one of my all time favourite musicals.
when i saw it for the first time
i fully aspired to be julie andrews when i grew up...hehe...
apart from singing a few tunes i'm nothing like her!
so...guess what was going through my head this time...
ray! a drop of golden sun....
doh a deer, a female deer...ray, a drop of golden sun
me, a name i call myself...far, a long long way to run!
another guess?
what about this one?
not as obvious i think....
this one's a bit convoluted..hehe!
"raindrops on roses"
as in
raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens
bright copper kettles & warm woollen mittens....
these are a few of my favourite things!
the convolution?
the beads made me think of raindrops...and it was raining as i sewed...
the pink..made me think of roses,
as anyone would think then...raindrops on roses! haha
though of course you may be thinking something completely different by now...
"daisy, daisy, tell me your answer do, i'm half crazy all for the love of you"!
i couldn't blame you!
what are you up to this wednesday?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Carol:
    We really do know how something like the snatches of a song or odd verse lines will enter the mind and then, for unaccountable reasons, stay with one for hours at a time. And then, suddenly, they have gone.

  2. funny how some lyrics stay stuck in the head for hours, maybe days on end.

  3. another beautiful bag Carol...and more of those beautiful daisies!DH and I often puzzle our children when we suddenly burst into song, 'set off' by a word spoken or something we see! lol It's all good fun :-)
    PS DH has been known to do this in public and embarass the girls!

  4. Oh Carol, these two creations are absolutely beautiful! And I love the inspiration behind them too. Sound Of Music is one of my all time fave musicals too, so many lovely songs xo

  5. I love that song, Carol. It's definitely one of my favourites too and I reckon I've seen TSOM at least 47 times over the years! I think my fave song from the movie is still 'I am sixteen'. Love it! x

  6. Gorgeous bags Carol, I love reading your posts, you are such a character :)

  7. I read your post quickly before I went out earlier, and now thanks to you I have been singing the wonderful Sound of Music songs in my head all morning! Tee hee - one of my all time favourites too :-)
    "So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, goodbye..."

  8. Yes I know what you mean! Songs often stick in my head too. In fact I did a post earlier this year called raindrops on roses and the song was in my head for days :) Your bags are really pretty, such lovely colours and fabrics, and a great shape too and I love the little added touches.
    Helen x

  9. I love your bags - really pretty - and I love the story to go with them too!

    Pomona x

  10. I just adore the SOund of Music and love that song too - of course!
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently, I didn't realise you had one too!
    Hope you are having a great week x

  11. Hi Carol,
    I love your new header! When I painted my pine furniture, I used water-based paintes. First I used an undercoat, then two coats of Aquanamel in semigloss. Good luck with your painting!
    Beth x

  12. I cannot wait until my girls get a little older and I can introduce them to The Sound of Music! xo

  13. I wanted to be Julie Andrews to and would sing the songs from the Sound of Music over and over. I'm a "hummer" and a "whistler" when I'm creating. :)

  14. I know this feeling I too often have a tune playing in my head, these ones are so sweet to have been singing whilst working away and making more beautiful bags for some very lucky friends:)

  15. I LOVE the sound of music! (and you bags btw - gorgeous!)
    But now I have all the songs stuck in head...ahh, here come the next few days of "The Sound Of Music" soundtrack playing over, and over in my head...haha!
    Happy week Carol! Your friends are so lucky to receive such lovely gifts <3
    Sarah xo

  16. They are the fabrics...and your process attached to the bags. xx


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