Friday, October 5, 2012

Bright 'n Early...

a cheery good morning to all this friday!
i am up bright and early this morning,
i'm mr t's back up alarm clock.
this is his uni day
he has to be up before six as it is about an hour's drive away.
already the sun is shining and sparkling
through the net curtains next to me...
the town is just waking up....
kara has been out sniffing around, morning business you know...the doggy kind...
so why am i taking photos
this early?
i want to show you the window covering i made yesterday morning
to keep the morning sun out of ms s's computer area in the front room...
before the sun gets to it and it just becomes a dark blob with bright edges...hehe!
i bought this fabric on sale last year...a yard of each for about five dollars a piece
a simple rod, about five as ends, another two dollars fifty,
so all in all a window covering for under twenty dollars...
i think that's pretty good.

yep...we're keeping it real here this morning...
no styling, just candid camera.
i'm inordinately pleased with my efforts
 'cos it beats the old blue sheet that's been hanging here for a while!

now i'm off to make that orange juice i need
to make my insides zing
before i have a little look around to see what you guys have been up to...
enjoy your weekends...
wishing you sunshine and butterflies,
roses and cuddles!
naturally Carol xox


  1. I love that fabric - it's wonderful and what a bargain. I know all about using sheets as curtains. Our bedroom has featured an old sheet as a curtain since the first day we moved in well over 3 years ago. I suppose I should attend to that...
    Have a great Friday and thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. great job carol!!! looks great!!! hope you have a wonderful day!!
    laura xx

  3. Gorgeous fabric Carol. Loving that floral print!

  4. Looks great! Nice fabric too (much better than a sheet!)

  5. Hello Carol:
    A very effective, practical and inexpensive solution to the problem of direct sunlight on the computer.

    We hope the orange juice tasted really good! Happy weekend.

  6. You are so clever!! I wish I could sew even half as well. Love the sun behind the net curtains - something so pretty about the lace :)

  7. Beautiful job Carol and such pretty fabric and a bargain too, got to love that. I love getting up early, that morning light so soft and the temperature just cool but not cold...Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  8. It looks great Carol, and I love the fabric, happy weekend to you!

  9. Hi there Carol - your curtain loos lovely in the morning light. It's so nice this time of year isn't it. Enjoy the weekend - I'm sure you'll create something lovely in that time. cheers Wendy

  10. I love that fabric you have chosen Carol - another well done job. Have a lovely weekend. x


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