Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grateful for...

hello there...
it's been a while since i've joined up with the gratitude gang
@ 52 weeks of grateful with maxabella.
i was having a conversation yesterday
with a friend who just popped in unexpectedly
and we talked about you do.
actually she brought over a beehive cake...
kind of a sweet bun with custard cream in the centre
roasted flaked almonds on top...delicious.
but i told her i wasn't eating sweet stuff at the moment...
for the last couple of weeks really,
just sugar stuff
and i felt better for it.
sugar is my weakness.
unfortunately i never feel satisfied with a little
and always crave more when i start eating it.
all of a sudden
i was grateful for all of my weaknesses...not just the sugar thing...
'cos i realised
that if i wasn't weak in any way
i wouldn't need to call on God
and i wouldn't see the miracles that i've seen in my life
and that i expect to turn up even now
when i need them to.
when my kidneys were failing over a year
He healed them.
when i've had financial troubles
He's provided just in time.
when i doubt that anyone loves me
He does...and He shows me in amazing ways.
i really don't know how to live life without Him
and i don't want to.
Him & me...we're best of friends...we go way back to when i was fourteen
and i was desperate to find out the purpose of life...
and He gave me hope and a new life.
but i'm human
and sometimes i don't talk to Him as much as i should
but He doesn't go off in a huff...He's there when i come back to Him.
so my weaknesses give Him an opportunity
to strengthen our relationship...
and i'm grateful.
naturally Carol xox


  1. This is a beautiful way to approach your faith, Carol. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I wouldn't mind a piece of that cake too, if you don't mind?! x

  2. I have never heard of beehive cake but now I want some!! Do you think your friend would deliver to the UK?! Seriously - kudos for not giving in. It sounds delicious.


  3. Your post is exactly what I needed to hear right now - I'm having a bit of a grumpy morning so thanks for the gentle reminder of just how good God is and how my weakness gives Him the opportunity to mould me back to how He needs me to be. Thanks for the blessing and I hope you have a truly blessed weekend too,

  4. Beautiful.....and just some words I need to hear.xx

  5. What wonderful blessings to be grateful for! God is so good! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  6. Lovely how your weaknesses ended up making you feel stronger. xx

  7. This is the most beautiful post! Adore the way you have expressed your faith xx

  8. So much to be grateful for Carol. Love that image above xx

  9. Beautiful, Carol. God bless! X

  10. Wonderful post Carol, I'm really grateful to you for sharing your experiences and feelings about your faith, thankyou!

  11. Beautiful Carol, a truly grateful way to look at your life and the world around you. And a beehive cake, so that's what they're called... they are really delicious! xo

  12. This is a beautiful post. What a good friend to bring you sweets..enjoy the day.

  13. A beautiful post and a good way of looking at things. Thanks too for commenting I my blog recently. Gx


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