Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Thursday...

hi guys!
this is where i was this morning...
this is 'my kindy'
we have 'mainly music' here on thursday mornings.
{up close and personal with the 'illawarra flame tree'..isn't it gorgeous?}
mainly music is for babies to four year olds with their mummas.
there is a musical programme where everybody gets to sing and make music and dance
then there is morning tea for the kids and then morning tea for the mummas and papas...
yes, we often get papas!
i sit at the front table, meeting and greeting and collecting the three dollars it costs for a session.
i talk to the mummas as though i'm talking to you...
a friendly hello and a big smile
then some happy talk and sometimes some commiserations,
mostly encouragement..'cos they really are a fantastic bunch of mummas,
occasionally a little tiny word of advice...'cos i've been there and my own have grown.
i love it 'cos seeing those little faces
lights up my own...
it only takes a small red star stamp on a pudgy fist
to make a smile appear
then off they go skipping to find their best friends.
what do you do on thursday mornings?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Today I'm catching up on my blog-reading!
    What a wonderful way of spending your morning. Isn't really wonderful to be with young kids? They make time unimportant, enjoy every minute and make everyone happy, especially when there is sing and dance involved. I've worked in a Kindergarten for a while, and loved every minute of it.
    What a beautiful tree you showed. It is not known here, and in the fall (so now), we do see all kinds of colours, but this looks truly amazing.

  2. We have Mainly Music in our church hall each Thursday. I'm on the 'Reserve' list for cutting up fruit and general prep of the morning if the regulars can't make it, I'm 'it' :-) That flame tree is magnificent...ours just has a few blossoms on it each year :-(

  3. Thursdays mean an early start for me - up before 6 and off to crawl down the motorway in the dark. The good news is, I only teach from 7:30 - 10:00 on Thursdays and then my weekend begins ... so I'm just in from doing the weekly shopping and now I have a cup of tea and can plan the rest of the day. As the sun has put in a welcome appearance, a long walk in the woods is on the cards this afternoon - swishing through all the fallen leaves!! I do like the sound of your Thursdays better!!

  4. It really sounds like a happy way to spend a Thursday morning, the energy and enthusiasm little ones bring into your morning I'm sure has you buzzing all morning. My Thursday mornings aren't quite as exciting, just the usual drop offs, washing and cooking here:)

  5. Thursdays are our free day.
    I am not at work.
    And we never have anything "set" planned. Sometimes we go to Tiny Tots, sometimes we meet up with friends, other times we just stay home.
    I love Thursdays.

    And of course they mean that tomorrow is Friday and then it is the weekend!

  6. What a beautiful surroundings....this week playgroups were back for me Tuesday and hanging out with the kids and their mums sharing my story and hearing theirs too. so special that you are able to volunteer for this great time.

  7. A lovely way to spend a morning and advice from you would be gold Carol.

  8. What a lovely way to spend your Thursday <3

  9. What a lovely day at the kindy! Have a nice weekend!

  10. You are a STAR! We need more mamas like you with children grown, to whisper those words of advice in our ears - or just tell us we're not alone, and normal! What a lovely Thursday morning!
    My Thursdays are free days, in-between-kindy days. So they're usually spent pottering at home, although occasionally I take the girls out for a babycino ;) xo

  11. That is beautiful Carol, it sounds like a lovely outlet for the Mum's and bubs... and a lot like our playgroup we go to. I know personally, it is always so reassuring when a mother who has been there, done that, offers some words of encouragement or support to me... especially when it's been one of those days... just makes things seem a little clearer and a little easier xo


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