Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sun Moon Lake...

we arrived at sun moon lake at dusk
after winding our way through layers of tree covered mountains
and the winter mist was curling in around us.

we found the 'rich forest hotel'
and settled in for the night.
our rooms overlooked the lake...literally.
we fed the fish below from our tiny balconies
and fell asleep listening to the  gentle lap lap lapping of the lake.

there are seven mountain ranges to count
all in different shades of blue
the colour of the water is ever changing
depending on the season, the weather and the time of day.
that is why the taiwanese love this lake mrs t told me...
she is taiwanese.
sun moon lake's name comes from
the shape.
the eastern part is round like the sun
and the western part is a crescent, like a crescent moon.
the 'thao' aborigines are the local indigenous people.
these are my p and mr s with ms daughter in law.
we had a boat ticket that dropped us off at whatever destination round the lake that we wanted,
then every fifteen minutes another boat would come along
so we could leave whenever we wanted to.
here we bought 100 day old eggs for morning tea.
the woman who makes them is famous..she has made them for the last fifty years.
mr p looked a bit unsure here,
but they were delicious and we ate a couple each.

...sailing past the fishing pontoons

 ...manmade 'islands'.
these little grassy islands have been made to be shelters for the fish on the lake
which makes the fish easier to catch!

... a pagoda on the skyline

after circumnavigating the lake twice
we were more than ready for a hot lunch
as the winter clouds swept in and mist descended again.
it was one of those days
where the moodiness of the weather
was part of the drama
and the sheer beauty engulfed your senses...
invigorating & awesome.

naturally Carol xox


  1. This is lovely Carol. I've yet to go back and read some of your earlier posts, but when did you do this trip? What time of year? It looks fascinating - and you obviously enjoyed it immensely. cheers Wendy

    1. hi wendy, mr b and i and mr p {son} went over there after christmas last year 'cos mr s and miss a got married on new year's eve. we stayed three weeks and got shown around the country by miss a's parents. we loved every minute of it! when we came home my computer wasn't working until june. that's why i am still showing photos, normally once a week so my family in nz can see what we did and also for a record for us as i get them in good order and edit them. hope you enjoy them too.

  2. Hello Carol:
    This looks to be, and sounds, totally magical and your very alluring images are most inspirational.

  3. Looks very mystical and beautiful. Love the mugs you received.

  4. Beautiful - I love the atmosphere you've captured in these photos!

  5. Absolutely stunning photos, and I love to learn things like this about naming and how names are often tied to nature and events. I think it's beautiful knowledge to acquire, especially when you're in the setting and learning/hearing about it from the local people xoxox

  6. Oh what a beautiful place. And how nice to have in laws from somewhere so interesting :-)

  7. What a breathtaking location - so scenic!


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