Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cure...

for a dose of mondayitus... a cup of jacaranda tea preferably made in your grandmother's teacup,
don't you think?
a funny thing happened yesterday.
i had a strong urge to ring my brother.
{that is not really funny in itself!}
i hadn't spoken to him for probably four months
and just wanted to catch up and see how he was.
it just so happened
that he was only half an hour away
heading in my direction
from out of town.
i quickly vacuumed up the dog hair off the floor
and was on the phone to my sister in nz
and he walked in the door...
and there were the three of us, having a conversation together..kind of.
how good was that?
but that's not all...
due to my brother shifting house a lot with work
sometimes we still get some of his mail.
inside one of the letters
was a renewal of his teacher's license
{he isn't able to enter a classroom to teach without a current license!}
...due this week
a fact that he wasn't aware of 'til yesterday.
a fortuitous phone call!
how good was that.

p.s...look what just came in the mail!

it will be the mugs i won from em @ teacups too! yay!
i'll unpack these now and show you tomorrow!!

i think the jacaranda tea in granny's teacup definitely cures mondayitus..
naturally Carol xox


  1. It's funny how things like that happen sometimes, isn't it? Sounds like you had a nice time :D

    1. PS Love that pic of the flowers in the teacup - so pretty!

  2. What a gorgeous serendipitous string of events Carol. I love it when things like that happen and try to make a note of its significance too. Enjoy your teacups! Mel x

  3. Sweet! Don't you just love it when things come together like that. Just a strong reminder that God is watching over us. Blessings!

  4. I'm lucky I rarely ever get Mondayitis as it is my day off work! I like that funny feeling when you think of someone and then they ring, that sort of thing. Makes me feel we are all connected.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes :)

  5. Hi Carol, thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) Who doesn't love packages in the mail, and this one is particularly gorgeous with all those stamps! It's really amazing how things come together, so happy for your brother xoxox

  6. How neat to have things work out! Glad you had a lovely time! Looking forward to seeing what's in the box! ;) xo Heather

  7. Not just coincidence I'm sure! Glad your brother got the renewal notice in time...the extra you have to pay if you're late isn't fun either! Love the teacup with those beautiful blossoms in :-)

  8. Very fortuitous. I feel there was some mysterious ,unknown, guiding hand in these events.
    How exciting getting a lovely package! x

  9. Opening your post this am was the picture that I beautiful and the thought of the aroma was very enticing and calming xxx Love the tea cup. xx

  10. How lovely to catch up with your siblings like that Carol. I understand you wanting to chat to your brother. I don't often see or speak to my brothers, but when I do it's always great.
    Those jacarandas are glorious, such a beautiful sign of Spring/Summer days. Can't wait to see the contents of that package, so exciting to receive a parcel filled with things just for you xo

  11. I love stories like that. I miss my brothers a lot (they are in QLD) but it often happens like that for us too. Something invisible draws us together, or our thoughts at least as distance is a tyrant.


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