Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Thursday...

it's just started to rain.
i love...
the sight of flowing rainwater...
haha! that downpipes a joke,
around here it flows through the holes in the guttering,
probably inside the pipe it's bone dry!
i love...
the sound of rain on the tin roof
of the trickling water as it runs in rivulets from that holey guttering
plops onto the ground below.
i love...
the cooling touch of the fine rainspray
swept in by the wind
across from the jacaranda trees
and in through the kitchen window.
i'm anticipating...
the garden filled with raindiamonds
dripping from the trees
shining in the rainclear air!
i can almost hear
the earth whispering 'thank you'
as it sponges up every last drop.
rain or shine
i hope your day is fine...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Isn't it the most beautiful sound, I love the rain too. x

  2. I love rain, especially the sound! Beautiful photos! xo Heather

  3. It's been a lovely rainy day here too...everything has had a good soaking :-) and you could see the lawn starting to green up already this afternoon.

  4. Ahhh rain...we have had a really hot day today with the promise of rain coming your rain photos. xx

  5. Beautiful ways to look at the rain Carol. And gorgeous images to go along with those words. It's a wild and woolly night here, with rain in the forecast... I can cope with rain at night, sounds just delightful! xo

  6. I have had rather too much of the rain here just now, but only because it is in such plentiful supply. I would be glad of it if we needed it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could reset the worlds water distribution setting so we all had just enough!

  7. I agree the sound of rain is quite soothing when not heavy.
    Our farms are having a bad time with to much though but that's British weather for you.
    You have a lovely day to.
    best wishes Julie.C

  8. oh I miss the jacarandas from Perth so much
    lovely calming words to go with your lovely pics Carol

  9. Oh is it raining down your end of the state too? We had a small sprinkling here yesterday, and whilst it wasn't much we were very grateful for it. The paddocks are brown and pretty much empty, and the cows do so much better on grass rather than hay...
    Hope it continues to rain!♥
    Sarah xo


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