Monday, October 1, 2012

Beating the Blues...

with a
field of daisies today!
good morning,
i hope you're chasing the blues away today too,
doing something you love.
this monday is a public holiday here
so after getting my new print in the mail
from 'katie daisy' on etsy
i framed it with a bright white frame
shopped for a pot of daisies!
isn't it a delightful print...
just the kind of cheeriness i need this spring.
mr w won a fifty dollar gift card at mitre 10
so we shopped up a tiny storm
had brunch...pies and cappucinos
before he had to head back up north for work.
oh..that i had a real field of daisies to fall asleep in...
now that would be heaven on earth!
thank you
to megan @ mousehouse....see my sidebar for a link...
for showing me this print a couple of weeks ago,
i totally fell in love..hehe.
naturally Carol xox


  1. Now isn't that just lovely Carol? Something to brighten up your day, just like the shopping spree! xx

  2. It looks lovely there Carol, such a pretty arrangement it would make my blue mood turn around too:) I love the sound of your morning sitting down together enjoying a bite to eat. May your Monday be a happy one. x

  3. Hello Carol:
    Your daisy collage is so appealing and a wonderful reminder for us of summer days now, rather sadly, long fled. We do so hope that you are enjoying a wonderful National Holiday.

  4. That's looking so wonderful; I can imagine you dreaming of falling asleep in a field full of daisies. I hope you'll enjoy your Holiday.

  5. Daisies are such a happy flower...thanks for sharing that happiness with us all. xxx

  6. Hello Carol,
    How fresh and lovely daisies are! Love them! Enjoy your holliday!
    Here we have a sring day in Fall, with lots of sun :)
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal.

    Ana Love Craft

  7. Just so pretty! Daisies are such a happy flower...real gloom busters, love Jillxx

  8. I love that print! I held daisies on my wedding day, I have always been partial to old fashioned flowers! Lovely photos!

  9. Daisies are just the perfect pick-me-up! Simply beautiful :-)

  10. Daisies are the bees knees! They just get on with it and make 'sunny'. Hope they work their magic and it's a spritely Tuesday...

  11. daisies are such happy flowers

  12. What a glorious post Carol, so uplifting, with your beautiful print and those amazing daisies! They ARE such a happy flower. Sounds like a great sort of day you've had, lovely! xo

  13. I love daisies. One of my top favourites on the flower list. So pretty :)

  14. I love all those daisies! A lovely post Carol :-)

  15. I LOVE daisies! (bet you already knew that.) Your big pot of white daisies looks perfect with the Katie Daisy print. I love her art too.

  16. Gorgeous print!!! Love it! xo


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