Friday, October 19, 2012

Velvet Dress...

this small velvet dress...
size 1
just never left miss b's wardrobe.
i bought it when she was 9 months old.
she wore it on her first aeroplane trip to new zealand
to meet her nz grandparents for the first time.
she wore clarke's black patent shoes in a size 3,
'bubbles' was the name of the design...
with cream woollen ribbed tights.

when she grew
other new dresses crowded around the small velvet dress
but i couldn't pass it on.
it didn't even get packed away in a suitcase or box
it just stayed.
eventually miss b packed up and left home
with her small velvet dress.
when she went to canada to live with mr g
she gave me the small velvet dress to hang up in my wardrobe...
and there it stays.
the small velvet dress is thirty years old.
naturally Carol xox



  1. This post made me feel so strangely sad, yet it was such a lovely post!
    Take care dearest,
    Sarah xox

  2. Such a beautiful dress with many memories Carol.

  3. Ah such a sweet little velvet dress and bringing so many lovely memories! I have kept some little dresses from my two daughters' baby days and every now and then I like to see them and marvel at how tiny they were!
    Helen x

  4. So beautiful velvet dress with so many good memories! I loved your post.Your words are allways lovely.
    Happy weekend!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  5. What a beautiful story Carol. Beautiful memories :)

  6. My mum has a dress like this, a white party dress I wore when I was two, with a pink ribbon sash. I remember it, and you know what? It may just fit Amie now! I'll have to grab it from her next I'm there!
    Sorry to hear the parcel wasn't the right one! I'm hoping it will arrive early next week for you! Fingers crossed! xx

  7. And what a gorgeous small velvet dress it is too! So vintage, so perfect :)


  8. I love the story of the velvet dress xxx

  9. Somewhere I have the little 'suit' I knitted for my eldest to wear to a wedding, complete with a picture knitted shirt front, collar and tie. It's not so many years younger than that sweet little dress.

    Lovely post Carol :D

  10. It's beautiful! So many memories it holds :)

  11. I just love that its come back to you
    There's a little velvet coat hiding in my cupboard...I think it will be there for a very long time yet
    Beautifully written story

  12. As cute as,Carol!And all those memories too. I've got 'the little dresses' in a red box in my room and the DDs occasionally go through it :-)But I have a bridesmaid dress and a wedding dress belonging to DD2 hanging in the wardrobe in one of the other bedrooms too :-)

  13. a beautiful dress and story! xo Heather

  14. The velvet dress is still very beautiful, as much as the memories of it... Hardly believe it's thirty years old, time flies so fast...!
    You enjoy a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  15. Hi Carol, Just a quick catch up with your blog before I get some work
    done! Lovely posts and beautiful memories. Thanks for all your pretty
    flower shots too. Love them all!
    xo Sue


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