Friday, September 17, 2010

Freesia Friday and a Surprise!

i promised you all
a peek at the freesias
growing au naturale
behind my crepe myrtle...

isn't it wonderful
when something springs up

our house
is an old lady,
she is in her eighties.

one of her past caretakers
must have planted
a few freesias,

not even dreaming
that they would still be here
in 2010...
delighting us
with their glory

who'd 'a' thought it!

this morning i surprised myself.
getting up early,
noone else was around,
{only the dogs - i'll introduce them anon}
i had an idea.

thought i'd use the last
'fandango' charm squares
{left over from the cushions}

...loving the yellow,
sunshiney golden yellow.
five charm squares
fit perfectly
along the edge of a tea towel
to make it special.

i feel
that i have been
very productive for a


naturally Carol xox

ps....thank you, you know who, for your lovely comments...very touched.

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