Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Under a Cloud (or Two)...

hi...we're still living under the rain clouds
but far from making me blue,

i'm going to have a great day
finishing the apron i started yesterday
for sharrie's mum
{sharrie's  married to my son no. 4,
she's an american from north carolina}.

i hope she will be my apron model
when the rain clears.

then i am going to be
 reading the latest 'belle' mag
that i have had for a week!

i may even start on one of the books
that i picked up for a song
at the fair.

these pics
were taken last week...

these tiny orchids grow
in the forks of the jacaranda trees
in my front yard.

aren't they sweet?

i always think that
God does colour
the best...

we just try to copy Him!

i love the way
that on grey days
certain colours pop out
like these little flowers against their grey stems.

on sunny days
white houses look amazing
against the bright blue sky...


naturally Carol  xox

ps  if any pockets of sunshine come my way, i'll have pics of the aprons to come...
we'll cross our fingers, shall we?

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