Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

come and have a cuppa with me...
i had to get up really early this morning
to take mr m to the train station.

he's off to brisbane
and then to sydney...

and we're still getting over
mr t's car broke down
at the shopping centre.

it spilled fluid
and had to be towed home
by the kind men
from the racq...
for a small annual fee
they help stranded people like mr t, sharrie and me.

isn't the bark on this tree
she is my apron model today,
as sharrie wasn't available!

isn't she slender?

a few prickles and a beard
on her though!

i think this apron,
is a dress up apron...
"explain yourself", 
 i can hear you say

well, the fabric is lovely and soft...
but ...mmm...?
"well, go on!"
she is rather thin
and would be no good
at protecting a person from spills.

i can hear you exclaim
with disappointment...

the thing is though,
she would be rather good at...
tizzying up a dull outfit when
unexpected visitors arrive
expecting a cuppa!

"well, that's better!"
you would say...

yes, i agree,
not all aprons, you see,
have to be involved in
manual labour!

whether you are like
a humble, hardworking apron today...
or are dressing up
for a day out...

enjoy a wonderful wednesday!

naturally Carol  xox

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