Tuesday, September 14, 2010

L'il Pillows...

these little pillows
complete the gift
for my friend's three granddaughters

the front of the cushions were made with this fabric...

sorry about the fuzziness,
the crocheting is a square i use as a coaster
next to the computer!

here are more pictures...

"mia" cushion

side view of "mia" cushion

"alicia" cushion

just a peek of deep red spotted fabric showing on
"alicia" cushion, "alicia" apron in there as well...

"leah" cushion with "leah" apron...

side of "leah"

and i couldn't resist one last picture
of all three together again...

hanging under the passionfruit vine.

i washed the fabric for
the back of the 'fandango' cushions
and some other goodies.

morning i have the last of
a run of other committments
i am hoping
i will have a lot of sewing time
coming up...

fingers crossed

naturally carol  xox

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  1. WOW!!!! Carol, Frances told me you were on here...Your page is lovely. I didn't know you had so much talent! good on you...I am a follower now. God bless and love, Crystal xxx


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