Thursday, November 22, 2012


good morning!
a big thank you for all your thoughts and prayers
for my friend and her family...
the peace of God is evident there.
further down my street
a gate caught my eye.
the house is empty right now.
 the front gate stands...
then there was this one i noticed
directly across the road...
as you can tell
i live in an area with plenty of character!
it led me to wondering though.
i wondered when it was
that these gates got opened or closed
for the last time.
isn't it funny
how we lay things aside.
maybe it was the last time you rode your bike
or put on roller blades
or twirled wearing your favourite twirly skirt.
we never think
'this is the last time'.
it just happens...
while new gates are opening
mr m made these...
they looked like chocolate earthquakes..haha!
very chocolatey
light and cakey inside...
good with a cup of tea to wash them down!
so big
half was enough.
i'm tossing up
whether to go to mainly music today.
it's not my week
but some of the helpers will be away.
....and it's ms s's birthday.
i can't wait 'til she gets up
so i can give her
her presents.
are you like that too?
as soon as i wrap something up
i want to give it and see them open it..hehe!
much love to you all...
naturally Carol xox


  1. I adore old gates, especially the metal ones!! Yummy treats! A Happy Birthday to Ms. S! ;) Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  2. the old gates probably could tell us a story for sure, lovely cookies,

  3. Happy Birthday to Ms S! There are a few gates and fences like that around here and they are full of character...something you won't see in the new housing estates :-)

  4. Mmm, those choc "earthquakes" look so yummy! I love old gates, they always look so much nicer than new ones!
    Happy birthday to Ms S! Hope she's having a lovely day

  5. Have a great week Carol.Please pop over as I'm having a giveaway..xx

  6. I am SO like that! I have a friend's birthday gift ready and I CANNOT wait to give it to her on Saturday!!
    Happy birthday to your Ms S xx

  7. Lot of meaning in the 'shutting the gates' for the last time Carol. Set me musing about the few things. Nice post ... and nice bikkies too!
    cheers Wendy

  8. If only we knew what tomorrow would bring we would live today with so much more gusto. xxxx

  9. Thankyou for finding me,love your blog,inspiring.I make bickies that look a lot like yours, are they crinkles? Love a green wall and rusty gates as well.

  10. I can never resist a gate, something about the promise of something on the other side. And an unused gate with it's tangle of weeds puts me in mind of Sleeping Beauty snoring away in her enchanted castle!

    Perhaps we should all aim to think of something we haven't done in a long time and do it again just because!

  11. Absolutely know how you feel about the presents... I can never wait to give my girls there - its the look on their faces before, during and after that I just love! Ooh, I attend a mainly music down here with my girls - they enjoy it so much and it's always MM CD's or fairy music playing in my car.
    I think I love vintage things because of the mystery they hold... the life or lives they've seen and been a part of... much like those gates!


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