Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Book Bag...

hi there!
a little while ago
a friend asked me to make her
a bag.
smaller than the market bag
but bigger than the child's bag.
kind of an inbetweener...
good for a couple of books
and a purse.
this is the prototype...
now i'll have to get my act together
make three more.

today i went shopping with ms s
we don't shop together very often
so it was a real treat.
we are feeling rather christmassy at the moment
so we gawked at lots of decorations
and singing softies,
oohed and aahed at the sparkles and glitter,
sipped some soft drinks
and nattered and chatted.
we bought a singing santa hat,
some ribbon and beads
a pink fluffy koala purse for her sister in America!
it's good to be feeling better again.
i hope your week is swinging along sweetly...
naturally Carol xox



  1. Hello Carol:
    Your prototype bag is great fun and, as you say, an ideal size for carrying around a couple of library books.

    Happily there is no sign of Christmas yet in the shops here - too much too soon can, or so we feel, spoil it all.

    We shall be 'off air' in Venice and the UK for a while but will catch up on our return. Meanwhile, take care and have fun.

  2. Now that's exactly what I've been thinking about making - great minds think alike? ;-) I want to make a book bag each for the girls in my Book Club (just the 6 of us, so not an overly ambitious project I hope!) for Christmas pressies. Love the fabric you've chosen - I'm heading over to Cotton Patch to try and find some "bookish" fabric on Thursday.
    Your shopping expedition sounds just fab, & glad you're feeling so much better.

  3. It's so nice to go out shopping with someone when you're both in the mood to look and absorb...and drink coffee... I presume? So different from a mad desperate dash to the shops. I havn't thought much about Christmas yet, other than doing some pre Christmas orders for stock. But no doubt the spirit will strike sometime in early December. It always does! Have a great day! love Jillxx

  4. Crumbs, Christmas ... only six weeks away I know but I need twice that! Sounds like you had fun though. I'm glad you're feeling better Carol x

  5. Good size Bag Carol Love the Fabric....
    Happy Sewing

  6. Sounds like a lovely outing with MsS :-)

  7. Great bag...so handy for Christmas shopping which it sounds like you had fun doing too. xxx


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