Thursday, November 1, 2012

Plucked From the Too Hard Basket...

good afternoon!
last week was a wonderfully slow week.
this week has been wonderful, but busy.
there is something that has been nagging at me...
and for the past couple of weeks i have just folded it up like a piece of laundry
put it in my
'too hard basket'.
i have to thank ana and janet for being patient with me over this topic too...
which is 'awards'.
when i first blogged i duly received a few awards and completed their tasks
 and passed them on...
now i feel myself holding back,
both on the receiving and the giving of  them.
there are a few reasons
but the main one is that fifteen or eleven other bloggers to pass them on to seems a bit much...
do you think?
that's a lot of links to write up
the awards seem to either be ignored which is disappointing to the giver
flood the bloggosphere with everybody getting them
'cos they multiply so rapidly.
about two weeks ago
both handed out an award in my direction...
thank you girls for your appreciation,
i value your friendship.
i encourage you all to go and visit these two newish bloggers
and make some new friends!
they are both lovely.
please tell me what you think about this whole subject...
is it in your too hard basket?
do you love awards?
is is just too time consuming to find so many people to pass them on to,
but would love it if it were only one or two?
do you just ignore them when they come your way?
{and feel guilty..'cos you like the person that gave it to you and appreciate them!}
i'm interested to hear what you have to say!
have a great day...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Most recently I just answered the questions in a post and did not pass the award on to anyone :-/

  2. As a new blogger, I have never received an award. But some of the ones I have seen around do look very time consuming. Having to answer 15 questions, name 5 things nobody knew about you & nominate 10 other people for the next award seems like a bit much to me!
    Have a happy weekend {when it comes!}
    Sarah xox
    PS pretty rose pic :D

  3. I used to play along - but not so much any more. They come and go in waves - and I usually just thank the giver and that is that :)

  4. I think the spirit of the awards is lovely and it does encourage new bloggers, however after a while it almost becomes a chore to find some bloggers to pass the award onto who you haven't already recognised in this way. I'm afraid I don't play along any more and just send a nice email saying thank you back to the blogger who sends me an award.

  5. For me it is a bit the same as for the ladies who responded before me. I loved getting an award in the first period of blogging. But having to answer more or less the same questions over and again, is at least boring, and time consuming. Nowadays I thank the person who passes an award to me, but don't do anything with it.It's bothering me too. I don't want to be disrespectful. I've been thinking about putting a 'no-blogging-awards-sign' or -logo on my blog, but haven't done that yet. I'm glad you brought the subject up; it's definitely something to think about.

  6. Hello Carol:
    In our time of blogging we have been given numerous awards, For all of them we are truly grateful and most appreciative. However, when we began our blog we vowed not to take part in memes, awards, or indeed anything which might distract from the things we wished, and chose, to write about. For us the dialogue established with other bloggers is the richest of all rewards.

  7. I must agree with Jane and Lance. I am grateful for the awards that have been sent my way but prefer not to participate. They are a distraction and they are conditional, a little like chain letters really, and that bothers me.

    I'd far rather if people like my blog they comment to tell me so, then I can visit their blog if they have one and the whole thing becomes closer to a conversation :D

  8. I used to pass them on but have in the last couple of years stopped. I feel a little bit guilty but it really is a lot of bloggers to tag, but I always always go to the blogger who had nominated me to say thanks for the award.

  9. I agree that you have too many to pass them on to. Three would be enough I think. When I was new to blogging I was very grateful to receive these awards as they are a way of 'getting' out there but don't think there are as many going around now. I tend to just thank the people who sent them and do a link to their blogs. Xxx

  10. At one stage there was many awards going around and as happy as I was to receive them it was very time consuming passing them on to so many people. It has been a while since I have received an award but when I do I like to acknowledge it but don't often pass them on these days. Congratulations on your awards Carol.x


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!