Saturday, November 24, 2012

Backyard Bunting!

good morning!
it's quiet here...
well, humanly quiet.
i can hear cicadas
three different birdsongs...
the gentle swoosh of traffic
hurrying away...
some sounds of sleepy snoring,
this pleasant sunny saturday morning.
i made this bunting last year
yesterday got 'round to taking some photos
of my friend's verandah...
'out the back'.
it's faded now
into true shabby chic-ness...
do you remember the bunting swap we did
with rachael @ squiggly rainbow?
that's one from her in the middle there.
all i did was make some extra ones
to go with her beauties.
knots are tied in the rope between the flags
so they don't bunch up.


a gentle flutter in the breeze.
the outside dunny...
every house used to have one...
enjoy your weekend...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Lovely. Especially the old thunderbox! Now that's a truly Aussie inspiration!!

  2. beautiful buntings, we had an out house at our house on the lake, a bunting might have spruced it up a bit!

  3. It adds a bit of cheerfulness! I recently bought a bunting panel (in red and white) from Spotlight, to make for christmas. I'll have to put my skates on to have it done for this year! :)

  4. Very festive bunting........ and the outdoor toilet.....thank goodness they're only an ornament now! x

  5. Bunting is always cheery..that swap was fun and gave us some lovely bunting of our own to hang.

  6. Love the bunting but I ADORE the dunny..xx

  7. Love the outdoor bunting! May just have to make some myself xx

  8. You can't go wrong with handmade bunting can you?! :)

  9. Beautiful bunting!

    I remember our door dunny! We had one when I was a child, living in semi-rural Melbourne. So glad we dont have them anymore.

  10. Love the bunting! So lovely:) And that outdoor dunny is sooo cute. I'd love that for my vegie garden shed:) Happy weekend to you x

  11. Hi Sis...I love the sort of patchwork quilt casualness of this bunting...perfect for the out doors. Talk soon...maybe this afternoon? love Jillxx

  12. What lovely bunting!
    Happy Sunday, xoxo

  13. Oh that bunting is most delightful Carol. I still have not assembled the flags I received in that swap..will need to dig them out I think :)

  14. Hello lovely Carol. Your bunting is gorgeous. Bunting outside is perfect for Christmas or anytime, don't you think? x

  15. You know Carol, we've just had our old outhouse ripped down. It didn't have a toilet in it anymore anyway, so was just the shell, with lots of junk in it. A home for lots of nasty creepy crawlies, so we're VERY happy it's gone. The bunting looks lovely, so nice to be able to display all that handmade goodness xo

  16. I love the bunting but I really love the outhouse. I remember the days when every home around here had one.. Tempted to make one for myself in the lower backyard. Love that! Blessings!

  17. A gorgeous bunting and lovely pictures! I'm going to get the bunting up outside for the summer too..x

  18. Such lovely pictures, reminds me I need to book our little escape to an old style cottage (something about these pictures just reminded me of the simple life!)


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