Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Catch Up!

good morning!
let's catch up...
let's face it,
i haven't been around much lately,
just been generally busy really,
but i have been knitting too.
i've finished knitting my stripey blue scarf
and i'm up to sewing in all those pesky little ends...
the downside of so many stripes!
hopefully sometime this week i'll have pictures to show you.
can you see the raindrops on the tree in the backyard?'s raining again.
hopefully not too much.
we had a minor flood event last week
after our major one last month.
fortunately the centre of town wasn't affected
and the swimming pool was still open.
i've been swimming almost every day...
i can now do several laps at a time,
a big improvement.
when i started at the beginnning of january
i couldn't swim...or
i was very rusty...and all my joints were clicky...hehe!
how has church been? ask politely.
it's been a blast!...i say.
we have seen miracles, this weekend.
clark taylor has been ministering to us.
he prayed for my friend fiona
and her back has been healed.
she can feel a toe,
that due to a pinched nerve in her back,
she has not been able to feel in two years.
it's been quite a time.
i've been visiting you all...
every few days,
'cos i want to keep up to date on your comings and goings
and see what you've made.
you're very creative you know.
thanks for sharing a cuppa today...
i'll catch up with you again very soon, i promise.
have a great day!
naturally Carol xox


  1. sounds to me like everything is going wonderful in your part of the world, you have rain we have snow, would you be interested in a trade,? just a wee bit ,,, maybe,, no? I don't blame you, take care,

  2. It has been so nice catching up on your blog! I'm happy to hear things are going well. =)

  3. This was a lovely post Carol :-) Thanks for the sweet words you left on my blog. I try to avoid striped knitting - the ends bother me too lol!

    Have a great week!
    Sarah xx

  4. Looks like a perfect cup of coffee! Glad everything is going well. Send the rain to us here in Auckland. We are in drought! Jillxx

  5. Good to hear that all is ok in world :-) That's wonderful news about your friend having feeling once again in her toe. And so good to hear that you're now swimming several laps...well done!

  6. Good to hear from you! And it is wonderful that everything is okay. How great it must feel to see your improvement with swimming. And what a wonderful story about your friend. Don't we all long for wonders every once in a while? I can't wait to see your finished scarf.
    Enjoy your coffee!

  7. Hey nice to hear from you...sounds like you have a lot that is keeping you occupied. Glad you haven't been to badly affected by all that weather. xx

  8. Lovely Carol, so nice to hear what you've been up to, have missed your posts. Look forward to seeing the scarf soon. And let's hope the rain moves on sooner than later, it's been a very damp February xo

  9. Ooh, that coffee looks good! Lovely to catch up with you and hope the rain lets up soon.
    Happy monday and looking forward to seeing that scarf,

  10. Lovely little catch-up Carol. Please send some rain down here. We had a little summer heatwave over the weekend and it's still so dry and crisp down here - we may have to order water in if there is no rain in the next week or 2. Look forward to seeing your scarf! Mel x

  11. Swimming is just the best thing to limber you up isn't it. A few years ago I was doing 50 lengths every day, and then the RA hit. I really must get back to it! I think I need a lottery win so we can build me a pool of my own (unlike Australia and the US having your own pool is really rare here in the UK).

    Hope the rain stopped and the sun came out :D

  12. Ooh thanks for joining me for a tea! It's a lovely way to hear what has been happening in your world lately - it all sounds amazing!! Was really nice to 'catch up' hehe! I'm hoping I've got more time soon for blog reading (and writing!) xxx

  13. Sounds like you've been so busy,a good thing to be indoors lately. Was it your Birthday before Hubby's, wanted to ask but I couldn't get the comment thing to co-operate. Belated Happy Birthday wishes for you both, the blocky-chocky cake looked yum!


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