Monday, February 4, 2013

Something from Scraps...

hi there!
being the beginning of the year...
activity wise, that is...
it was decided that 'mainly music',
a community programme for sharing music with tiny kiddos,
got new tablecloths.
i got to hem them.
out of the scraps...
'cos the tablecloth was a bit too long,
there was enough for a cushion.

the back is held together by silver studs...hammered in.

this one's for miss holly, age 2.

at the end-ish of last year
i took some photos of a frangipani flower.
gradually the petals fell off
and a bare stem was left.

 i just left it in the jar
before long little leaves formed
reaching out to the light,
roots began to grow in the water.

next spring
i'll plant it out in the garden.

i've just found out
that the swimming pool opens again...
clean and fresh,
after being flooded last week,
on wednesday..yay!

hope you've got good things planned this week too...

naturally Carol xox



  1. Hello Carol:
    The cushion is great fun and will, we are sure, delight Miss Holly.

    As for your new shoots in a jar of water, firm evidence of 'green' fingers, we think!

  2. That cushion is SO pretty and cute! I love the colours.
    How lovely that the frangipani shot - I love the smell of their flowers! I'm so glad to hear that the swimming pool is open again too :-)

    Happy new week!
    Sarah xx

  3. Such A cute cushion! And wonderful news that the swimming pool is opening again soon... Jillxx

  4. Oh love the cushion..looks great!

  5. Darling fabric, very happy. I don't think I have ever seen a frangipani before!

  6. Love that is such fun to see what can be made from scraps. Have a lovely week. xxx

  7. Carol I absolutely LOVE that cushion, I'm a big fan of owls and owl fabric is just always gorgeous. Little Miss Holly will adore this special creation. Amazing about the frangipani, such hardy little things. Glad the pool is back in action, hope all the other flood affected areas start to feel some relief soon too xo

  8. You can never go wrong with owls!! Hubby and I are waiting to hear back from the real estate agent about renting a lovely new house which has a big frangipani tree in the front yard. I will certainly enjoy it if we do get the house!

  9. Love the pretty owl print cushion! How lucky the frangipani cutting has have green fingers. Enjoy your swimming again, Carol, and have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  10. Nature is strong and it will be lovely to see the plant in your garden. Xxx

  11. What happy, bright fabric! Just right for a wee one!
    Frangipanis are one of my favourite summer flowers, such a lovely perfume.
    Glad the pool is open again, hope you have some nice sunny days to enjoy your swim.

  12. Miss Holly is going to love that cushion Carol, it's very sweet fabric. Enjoy going swimming again tomorrow, that's great that it's up and running so quickly. x

  13. Don't you just love that all you need is some water in a jam jar and the tiniest bit of barely more than stick will sprout into a plant :D

  14. Gorgeous cushion Carol, she will absolutely love it I'm sure.
    Hope the frangipani goes well, don't forget to show us the progress.
    Glad the pool is all bright and shiney again for you.
    cheers Wendy

  15. Darling! Owls are all the rage here these days. They're everywhere!
    Glad to hear the pool's open so you can resume your swimming.
    Take care.

  16. A very cute owl pillow! My youngest went to Mainly Music with his Grandma as a toddler, he loved it as much as she did,ha. Sorry to hear about the pool flooding. Isn't it a pain, all the same places flooding year after year?

  17. Oh my littlest would adore that material carol. Very Giggle and Hoot :) Hope all is well up your way and things are returning to normal :) Happy swimming in the pool.


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