Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Swimming...Yet!

finally today
the roads north and south have opened
and mr w has just left for work.
he works up north, about four hours drive,
until this afternoon the road has been closed in several places
all week 
due to major flooding.
thank you so much for all your enquiries about our safety.
we are fine
and apart from a shortage of some food in the local shops,
pretty much unaffected,
though our hearts ache for people having to clean up
for the second time in two years.
this was our local swimming pool in the floods two years ago...

this year the flood was higher
the muddy brown water came up to the flags!
{see them stretched across the pool.}

i took a drive
the main pool was empty and being scrubbed out
the toddler's pool was still dirty...

the sun is out again

i miss swimming!

as the flooding waters subside
the land and plants that have been under water
are a dull brown
and technocolour reigns above the floodline!

an army of volunteers, council workers and emergency service personnel
are frantically hosing off roads, buildings and anything else
they can to get the silt and debris cleaned off.

floods stink from rotting vegetation and pollution.

after the last one in 2011...almost exactly two years ago,
there was a smell from the river
kind of like rotting compost...for about a week!

i have been making a collection of pompoms
to bomb my white {christmas} tree.
i've purposefully left it up
in the corner of the lounge room
to twinkle it's way through winter
and make the room cosier.
i think a bombing of pompoms
will make cosy happen beautifully.

i'll show you as soon as i have them up!

take care for now...

naturally Carol xox



  1. Hi Carol, Glad everything fine for you, Mr W away to work and the clean up has begun. The news here said 500 homes in Gympy were destroyed by the floods?? Will phone you soon. Perhaps tonight before my student comes. Love Jillxx

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you and yours are safe and sound!
    Pompom bombing sounds fun! Enjoy, xx

  3. So sorry this is happening to you folks again. Nature has really hit you hard. But glad that you and your family are OK.

  4. Glad you're safe, Carol. I've been following the news closely as my sister lives in northern NSW - heartbreaking for those who are clearing up again having had their houses flooded. Can't imagine what that's like.

  5. Pom poms sound like a great distraction from all the devastation! I hope the clean up goes well and things are back to normal soon x

  6. I'm glad you are ok. Watching it from down here in Tassie, it's just hard to imagine the mess and chaos. I realluy feel for those poor people that went through it last time and couldn't afford insurance.

  7. Great to hear that you are ok, Carol:-)

  8. Good to read that you are safe & sound, and Pom-Pom bombing sounds like such fun - look forward to the pics :-)
    Happy Wednesday

  9. Hello Carol:
    How dreadful all of this is. And, as you mention, it is the smell which lingers, long after the flood waters have subsided.

  10. Hi Carol,

    Glad you are OK. Bushfires here, Floods up there. Crazy weather! Could pompom bombing be the new yarn bombing I wonder? Enjoy :-)

    Mel x

  11. Hello Carol I'm glad to hear you are all safe. How awful the flooding is, such a lot of damage for so many people and a horrible job to try and clear up. I hope you will be able to go swimming again soon. Love the sound of your pom poms :)
    Wishing you a happy peaceful week.
    Helen x

  12. I have been thinking about you and following the reports. I am so glad you are safe. The Oz is such a country of extremes my family in NSW are praying for rain.

  13. Just back from holidays and so glad to hear you guys are Ok....we certainly live in crazy weather times. Hope you are back swimming in the pool soon. xxx

  14. so glad is safe and well, take care,

  15. SO happy to know you are safe and home is well. The weather all around is just so extreme. You just never know what you are going to get anymore. We had high 60's and tornado warnings this morning for January..just crazy. Pray all can clean up fast and those needing help are getting it quickly. BLessings and stay safe!

  16. So sorry to hear about the floods. Glad you and your family are safe! Take care! xo Heather

  17. Carol it's shocking how quickly things happened, and so soon after last time. I think the clean up must be the worst part. Hopefully it won't happen again for some time. Glad you are safe.
    Looking forward to seeing your pompoms! cheers Wendy

  18. What a relief you were unaffected. We were blessed to be kept safe aswell. I hope the wind blows the stink away for you quickly too.. Gross!!

  19. Hello Carol. I have just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading through the archives. I hope you will be able to continue with your swimming at the local pool very soon. We've had wild weather in Brisbane too over last weekend, lost our front garden wall but luckily that was all. I love the photo at the top of your blog.

  20. I've been thinking about all my Australian blogging friends these last two weeks, both those threatened by fire and by flood. Worryingly a couple of them are not updating their blogs just now. So I'm really happy to see that you are safe and well and blogging away :)

  21. Carol, I'm so glad you're all ok - I didn't realise you lived in the flood region. I hope everything stays ok for you all and your community. x


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