Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going Swimmingly...

good evening.
i'm sitting here by the window
grateful for every wisp of a breeze
on this black summer night.
i still don't know how to address the problem of not being able to upload photos from my computer
but i have discovered that i can upload a photo from the computer
to change my header whenever i want to.
so maybe i'll just change my header photo
and maybe blogger will in time
offer a solution.
i have got myself into a january routine.
i get up quite early
as the sun brightens my bedroom at about five in the morning...
though i don't get up that early.
the dogs need letting out and feeding as soon as they awake.
it is usually between six and seven.
then i do a bit of housework to get the place fit for the day...
any washing up, tables tidied up, lounge room put in order
clothes washed and hung out
before the heat puts a stop to anything too physical.
this week
there is a difference.
i've been out to the local swimming pool
with a couple of friends.
we just move around for an hour...from 8 to 9...
sometimes swimming,
sometimes walking...backwards, sideways and forwards,
sometimes just moving on the spot or treading water.
just always moving.
it is cool and refreshing
and it's amazing who we meet there!
i didn't make a resolution to lose weight or get fitter
'cos it never lasts as a new year thing,
with me.
i love swimming though
so it's not a chore...
and i don't have to
so it's easier to want to.
how are you filling these hot hot days?
take care and stay cool!
naturally Carol xox


  1. We've heard about the heat in your part of the world. I can't imagine how you can put up with that. I hope you are doing okay. Swimming is always a good idea, whether you want to get fit or not. I'm sending you some fresh breezes!

  2. Hello Carol:
    This all seems incredible as we write from a chilly and snowy Budapest!!!!

    For us, getting up early is a struggle as light fails to arrive until late in the day and the day closes in early too. We are sending you some very cool breezes, enjoy!!!!

  3. I'll be spending every day next week and the next at the local pools, the Mr 6 has swimming lessons starting Monday. I'm glad for a bit of routine... and at least it's somewhere cool to spend most of the morning! You've made me not dread this mothering duty quite so much, hehe! xx

  4. So sorry about not be able to upload photos. I know that I had to buy more space before I could upload any more. Hope it gets cleared up soon for you!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  5. Just looking at your new banner photo helps cool things down Carol! What a beautiful place :-)

  6. Your new banner is lovely - where abouts is that gorgeous place?
    We have been swimming at the crater lakes recently, but have been avoiding it during the school holidays as it would be very full....but we are hoping on a trip over next week. I love swimming - it is a fun way to exercise and stay cool!

    Hope you get your photos sorted soon!

    1. This little lake is at Twin belongs to the Novotel Resort there..we were staying on the other side of the lake..hehe. It was actually winter when we went there. I am enjoying the local council swimming pool though!

  7. Your banner is lovely and very inviting, it looks like a beautiful spot to be right now:) I'm not sure if you got my comment the other day about uploading images. I let another blogger know and it seemed to work for her. When you write your post in the left hand corner it says compose and HTML, click on the HTML and you should be able to upload and image that way. It is a little more tedious but I was doing it myself recently when I got the message about exceeding my image quota and that was the only way I could get photos up on my blog. Anyway I hope things are ok for you and you are able to keep cool. x

    1. I will try that this week. I hope it works for me!

  8. Good for you getting out and about to stay will make you feel really good. We just splurged a whole $48 yesterday and bought one of those pop up pools for the kids....mmmm maybe for us to sit in to wait for the weather to warm back up !!

  9. Stay cool Carol!
    I know I don't post very frequently, but for some reason I found that when I posted again after a break, I had no difficulty loading. Go figure...... maybe the system was overloaded or something, but that's no help to you at the moment. Hope you can resolve it, you have such lovely photos. cheers Wendy

  10. Not much help here in regards to your blogger photo issues Carol but I hope you manage to get it sorted soon.
    Great idea to hit the pools early, we head to the beach most mornings before the heat of the day really hits us and then meander down after dinner when it's cooled down again.


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