Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flooding Rains!

hello again!
this week we've got floods..hehe!
it has rained incessantly for the last four days
with mighty gusts of wind to boot.
there are jacaranda leaves and twigs and even branches
littering the ground
our bush with the orange berries
snapped off to ground level
narrowly missing the laundry trolley and clothesline.
now, look at this...sideways..hehe!

there are about seven little poinciana seedlings
which have sprouted suddenly since the rain started.

they are all about 3-4 inches high already
after only 4 rainy days...
trying to turn my desert of mud into a forest!

isn't life grand?

sorry about the sideways photo.
tim took the photo on his ipad
and when he sent it to me my computer refused to let it be edited,
so i couldn't rotate it...?????

the whole house feels damp now
and the eastern windows won't open as the wood has swollen,
shutting them tight!
she's a funny old house alright!

this afternoon
we went rubbernecking.
there's always a good view of the flood levels
at macca's {..mcdonald's, for those who are outside the land of oz}.
a hot apple pie each
was a welcomed afternoon tea today.
it was nice to be cool enough to enjoy something hot for a change!

we have our fingers crossed
that the swimming pool won't go under the floodwaters
just as we've grown to love our daily swims too.

i hope things are well with you...

naturally Carol xox



  1. It's amazing how much rain we've had! Hope that river in your town doesn't come up too much!

    1. We're already cut's hoping Mr W can make it up to Gladstone to work tomorrow!

  2. It's so crazy.Carol - from crispy fried grass to lots of muddy about extremes!

    That's terrible about being cut off...try to stay dry. xx

  3. Mother Nature sure is crazy at times. My mother in law lives in Grantham and they have had to leave for higher ground.
    Hope you guys are affected too much by all the floods and rain Carol.

  4. Unbelievable the weather you are having.

    Stay safe and dry :)


  5. Hello Carol,

    how are yoy and your town?
    I follow al of nieuws an the tv. It is so very bad with de fire and water in australie.
    Sorry voor by bad engels.

    greatings send you Conny

  6. WOW Carol, the weather certainly is erratic this season. Amazing to think that just a few short weeks ago we were holidaying in your neck of the woods... and the weather was superb! Lovely photo of that little shoot, life is indeed grand. Take care in the wild weather, hope it calms down for you soon xo

  7. You are really having the most extremes in weather. I hope it will be 'normal' soon.

  8. You do seem to be experiencing some positively biblical weather in your part of the world lately! Hope all that water stays where you want it to be.

    Thank you for the get well wishes Carol :)

  9. I guess alot of people will be glad to have the dams and water tanks filling up. Probably much required in some areas! But of course there is the danger to people, animals and property which is the other side of the coin. I hear our brother had to escape the camping ground they were in ...quick smart! I hope all is well with you and the family and that Mr W gets to work safely. Love Jillxx

  10. We sprung a few leaks where we've never had them before thanks to dry shrunken timber, and you are right, now everything is swollen.Hope you aren't cut off for too long. No more crunchy grass.

  11. Have been thinking that you must be in the middle of this latest round of flooding Carol. Hope all is okay with you and you're on high ground (physically and spiritually!!). Let us know how you go and stay dry.

  12. Hi Carol!
    Hope you're safe from all the flooding down there. When I heard Gympie was flooded I immediately thought of you, but couldn't get on here to see how you are as Internet was cut.
    Stay safe!

  13. Macca's?! love it. I'm going to call it maccas from now on. Hope you don't get too boggy around your home. stay dry but enjoy the moisture!

  14. Hi Carol,my son is up there on holidays and he sure has had a wet old time.
    Hope you stay safe and the house dries out..xx


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