Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow Down January!

good afternoon!
i have been messing around with this today,
changing the header and colours...
i'm quite liking a kind of woodsy rustic feel at the moment.
i think i've caught it from some of the delightful fabrics around
all of those christmas deer ornaments.
there aren't any squirrels in australia
so miss b just had to send her dad one this year
i found a brown owl languishing at the back of a cupboard
while looking for christmas platters in december!
after the christmas tree went
there was a bare patch,
which i've filled with a cabinet to hold mr m's things.
who could resist the opportunity to freshen up the corner
with a few woodsy folk,
a couple of apples,
gingerbread and cinnamon candles
a nice green pot plant?
i may just attack another corner of clutter...
please slow down!
i'm enjoying you too much to have you rush past fast!
do you get the urge to organise and clean at this time of the year...
it must be something about the idea of a new start.
what do you think?
naturally Carol xox


  1. Loving your rustic arrangement - especially the little brown owl. I, on the other hand am secretly rushing January along as cant wait for March when my gorgeous goddaughter & her precious mama are coming to visit from SA!
    But you're right - one should always take time to slow down & appreciate each day.
    Hugs xx

  2. Love the new banner and the redecorating you've been doing, Carol. Yes I usually find myself doing similar things in January. For me it's probably because each year I was on the long school holidays so I had time :-)And now in retirement, it's still a habit!

  3. I'm trying to slow down but I love a good clean out and refresh too! Looks like you are well under way!

  4. The Canberra heat has slowed me down so no re-arranging for me quite yet. We are still trying to finish the Christmas ham and just tonight caught up with the newlyweds as they arrived home yesterday. We shared wedding ceremony highlights, dinner and lots of laughs and secretly I am glad they are back cause I missed them.

    1. I bet you missed them! I am sure your house was spick and span before Christmas anyway..hehe! So good that you can leave comments now..I was hoping it was you leaving them, but knew it when you said 'Canberra' and of course weddings.

    2. Yes my brother, the IT guru, performed his magic so that I can comment on your blog. So glad we can now communicate on a regular basis.

  5. Happy New Year Carol! I love your fresh little corners and always nice to change the old Blog banner. I've been having a fiddle with mine too. And yes, I love Christmas but I can't wait to pack everything away as soon as it's over and start the new year fresh. Getting organised is something I really need to work on though. Hope January slows itself down for you, in fact I'd like the entire year to slow down! Mel x

  6. Love the new's always fun to freshen things up isn't it? Gingerbread candles sound yum!

  7. It's looking very fresh! Yes I think that new year gets you thinking af a fresh clean start. After all we have a whole new year to play with! Xxx

  8. Oh I agree! I have been cleaning, due cluttering and organizing to no end! Must be about creating a fresh start x

  9. I feel this year is going to speed by just like the your little decorating . xx

  10. Yes Carol, I so agree... this month is flying by and I do have a strong urge to organize! Your decor looks great.. Why is it our homes looks so bare after Christmas? I just love the way a home looks during Christmas... I am trying to fill the empty spaces too... Blessings!

  11. Your new banner captures exactly the feeling you describe. And it looks great. It is indeed something typical for this time of the year to clean and organize; we are doing exactly the same here.

  12. Love your new decorations and lovely new banner :)
    Wishing you a Happy New Year, Carol.
    Helen x

  13. Your woodsy corner is lovely Carol - and I'm loving the header too. Very cool and refreshing for this time of year! Good luck with the decluttering too - I'm hopeless this time of year - too hot! cheers Wendy

  14. Oh yes, slow down January please!

    Loving the woodsy corner Carol. Happy New Year!

  15. This little corner looks so serene and fresh. Just beautiful. I didn't know there were no squirrels in Australia! Oh, the things we learn from blogland.

  16. I love your homely feel of your new banner Carol, it's always nice to have a change to start off a new year. The squirrel is rather cute:) x

  17. Hi Carol,
    Are we all nesting? After the Christmas gear was all packed away for another year I felt a bit sad and
    lost? So I have been sorting cupboards and draws. Sending what I don't need to someone who will be
    thrilled with the find. Making everything feel so much fresher.
    Hope your coming week is fun.
    xo Sue


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